SampleScience Releases The Bells FREE Instrument Plugin


SampleScience releases The Bells, a free virtual instrument available as a VST plugin, a Kontakt library, and a Decent Sampler patch.

Bells, who doesn’t love the ambiance and utility of them in their productions? Before you hastily answer about your harsh noise project, take a look at SampleScience’s latest release, The Bells. So what is The Bells?

The Bells is a virtual instrument containing only bell sounds. Some of these come from sampled sources, like orchestral and acoustic bells. Other sounds have been resampled and resynthesized or synthesized entirely from scratch.

As you can imagine, this gives a good bit of flexibility to the sounds on offer.

The Bells feature fifteen total bell sounds, but there is enough control here to further manipulate the sound sources into something entirely new. Beyond just the samples, there are controls upon controls for manipulating the sound to fit your desires.

Sound can be manipulated with a traditional ADSR for amplitude, modulation, preamp saturation, and filtering. This gives the sounds on offer a bit of a synthesized edge and can be pushed into plucks, keys, organs, and other patches using the fifteen sounds as a synthesis source.

These samples can be further manipulated through the integrated effects packed on board. Users have the option of integrating distortion, delay, chorus, and reverb. The effects on offer are more than adequate, and are quick to dial in with minimal fuss.

Beyond the standalone plugin, users have the option of downloading The Bells for Decent Sampler and Kontakt. These have differing effects on offer while still maintaining the same cohesive interface. For those on iOS, this is a bit of a boon because they can take advantage of The Bells on their devices through Decent Sampler.

The Bells is a limited instrument, but it is by design, and the sounds on offer are a good deal of fun to play with. You’ll be channeling Mike Oldfield in no time.

SampleScience’s standalone plugin is available for Windows and Mac alike. Both platforms have 64-bit VST and VST3 available. Mac users also have the option of AU.

DecentSampler is available for more devices, with compatible binaries on Windows, Linux, Mac, and iOS.

Kontakt users will need Kontakt 5 or Kontakt 6, with the full version being required to use it.

Download: The Bells


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