Get TH-U Essentials FREE With Any Rig Library From ILIO


Ilio celebrates National Guitar Day by offering a FREE copy of TH-U Essentials ($49 value) with any TH-U Rig Library purchase.

There is no shortage of excellent amp sims on the market right now. To help celebrate National Guitar Day, ILIO has partnered up with Overloud to provide a free license of TH-U Essentials with the purchase of any Rig Library.

TH-U Essentials doesn’t offer up the full suite of effects and amp models that Overloud has painstakingly recreated, but it does offer a great entry point for those looking to try the amp sim out for themselves.

So what is a Rig Library? If you’re familiar with Kemper or, most recently, TONEX from IK Multimedia, it operates under a similar principle.

Overloud and others have captured the sound and feel of real-world amps, a bit like an IR, to give a more nuanced and realistic feel to your guitar playing. One of the more common complaints with amp sims is their lack of touch sensitivity, and a solid Rig Library can help alleviate that.

To help entice prospective customers, there are three individual Rig Libraries on sale.

The first up is BHS Iconic 2 for $29.99. This one presents a pretty solid value because there is a good selection of amps for axe slingers to choose from. Stalwart classics like the Marshall JCM-800 and Soldano SLO100 are among the twelve amps on offer. This is coupled with 43 presets which draw inspiration from rock classics like Extreme, Mr. Big, Queensryche, and AC/DC, among others.

Another solid choice on offer is the Choptones Carved V200 Legacy for $19.99, a library captured from the Carvin Legacy II V200 Steve Vai amplifier. This one is more meticulously captured and offers up a plethora of cabinets, microphones for said cabs, and a good variety of overdrive pedals which are part of the capture signal chains.

For those looking for a versatile shred machine, this will more than fit the bill, and it does well with general mid-gain material as well.

The final new Rig Library on offer is the Choptones Ronald GP8 also for $19.99, which is a recreation of the Roland GP8 paired with a tube power amp. Like the Carved V200, there is a good selection of cabinets, microphones, and pedals which comprise the rig selections.

Act quick if you’re looking to try out the Overloud ecosystem, ILIO has these on offer with the free TH-U Essentials license until February 19th.

Get the deal: T-HU Essentials


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  1. Interesting post but, will it work with virtual electric guitars? I can not play a real guitar (actually, I don’t have one).

    • Most virtual clean electric guitars will work well with guitar amp & cab sims. But there are of course limitations, certain sounds/styles you cannot achieve due to not being able to manually control the guitar strings, so some experimentation is needed.

      (For example, heavy Rock-style palm-muting has been very difficult for me to recreate using free virtual guitar plugins.)

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