Audiolatry Releases FREE Retromania Lite Instrument


Audiolatry offers Retromania Lite, a FREE 80s-themed virtual instrument plugin for macOS and Windows.

Retromania Lite is the latest in a pretty long line of freebies from Audiolatry. Over the last year, the developer has given us plugins like Mel-Lofi, FunkBass, and 808XD.

The one thing that all Audiolatry instruments have in common is that they keep it simple. Creating usable sounds within the target genres and straightforward GUIs are the priorities, it would seem. The instruments never overreach for anything unnecessary; sometimes, simple is all we need.

Retromania Lite follows the same formula with a simple interface sporting a lovely 80s color scheme.

From left to right, the interface has five main sections: Envelope, Modulation, Chorus, Delay, and Reverb.

Below those sections, you’ll find lowpass/highpass Filter Cutoff, Glide, Voice Mode, Velocity Curve, MIDI Velocity, and global Gain and Pan controls.

The only difference between Retromania Lite and Retromania Retro Pop (full version) is that the freebie has twelve presets, while the paid version has 125.

Here are the presets included in the free version:

  1. BS Plucky Short
  2. KY Bella Donna
  3. KY Digi Orchestra
  4. KY Happy Keys
  5. KY Neo Piano
  6. KY Synthetic Strings
  7. LD Axe Leff
  8. LD Cool Vibes
  9. LD Juniper Lead
  10. LD Pop Hymn
  11. LD Tale Flutey
  12. PD Love Strings

We get a plucky bass, keys, strings, and some nice synth sounds.

I’m sure the name that jumps out is Axe Leff, a play on Axel F (Harold Faltermeyer), one of the most iconic movie tracks of the 80s (Beverly Hills Cop).

There are a few presets from the paid version that I wish the freebie had, but if you fancy an upgrade, you can buy the full version for the intro price of $10 (usually $20).

My favorites from the included presets are probably Axe Leff, Cool Vibes, and Tale Flutey. I love the choppiness of Tale Flutey; it’s a sound you’ll hear in just about every 80s movie set in a sunny location.

Retromania Lite is useful for anything with an 80s vibe; these days, that can be almost anything; Pop, EDM, Hip Hop, etc.

Downloading the instrument is quick and easy using the promo code FREE.

Retromania Lite is available in AU, VST2, and VST3 formats for MacOS (El Capitan to Monterey) and Windows 8.1 to 11.

Note: I’m on macOS Ventura 13.1 and had no issues at all.

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Download: Retromania Lite


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