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AudioDeluxe offers the Electrum Core guitar amp plugin by United Plugins as a free add-on with any purchase this month.

As a guitarist, it’s hard not to get excited about amp sims. It is especially hard not to get excited when said Electrum Core comes free with one of my impulse VST plugin purchases.

AudioDeluxe is offering United Plugins Electrum Core for free with any purchase for the month of March.

Electrum Core is a modular approach to the amp sim, and all elements are readily seen on the interface. Core comes with only the amp and cabinet modules, which is enough to sculpt your tones of choice.

While effects aren’t present, that is easily rectified by your preferred third-party choruses, delays, and reverbs. In fact, we have a free spring reverb that will beautifully complement your free guitar amp sim.

Electrum Core provides a good amount of flexibility and can create tones with sparkling cleans all the way up to crushing high-gain chugs. Those looking for meticulous modeling of vintage amps will be sorely disappointed due to Electrum’s unique approach toward guitar processing.

The provided guitar amps aren’t explicitly based on any particular models but rather serve as a starting point for carving out your custom guitar tone. The cabinets don’t seem to be IRs, but you can readily switch the module off and use your own.

Looking for an inexpensive purchase to snag Electrum Core?

AudioDeluxe has Tokyo Dawn’s exemplary Molot GE for $9.99. Molot GE is a wonderful compressor that oozes character and is the perfect counterpart to the pristine Kotelnikov GE.

Molot GE isn’t based on any particular hardware compressor but serves instead as a toolbox to bring the character of analog gear to your workflow. You can dial in distorted spanky drums or smooth varimu-inspired bass compression. It is one of my personal favorites, and I readily paid full price to obtain it, so for $9.99, you certainly can’t go wrong.

Electrum Core is available with any purchase until March 31st, so act fast if you want to try this novel little amp sim.

Windows and Mac computers can run Electrum Core, with available plugin formats being VST, VST3, AAX, and AU. Apple Silicon binaries are available.

More info: Electrum Code (FREE with any purchase at AudioDeluxe this month)

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