FLASH SALE! 50% OFF Reveal Sound Spire (Ends Tomorrow)


Plugin Boutique launched a 50% OFF flash sale on Reveal Sound Spire. The deal ends on May 16th, 2023.

Among the many softsynths available nowadays, it’s hard to pick which one to buy. There are some, though, that have taken on an ‘evergreen’ status.

This is the case with Reveal Sound Spire which you can get at 50% off right now at PluginBoutique.

For those unfamiliar, Spire is one of the most popular virtual synths on the market. It is a polyphonic software synthesizer that combines powerful sound engine modulation and flexible architecture.

Spire features a comprehensive oscillator section with many options to choose from, including Classic, Noise, FM, AMSync, SawPWM, HardFM, and Vowel.

One of the main strength points of Spire relies on its powerful unison engine, perfect for those huge EDM-style supersaws. It also features a great filter section consisting of two multimode filters with both analog and digital filter types available.

For shaping the sound internally, Spire comes with a selection of high-quality built-in FXs, such as Shaper / Decimator, Phaser / Vowel, Chorus / Flanger, Delay, and Reverb.

Regarding modulation capabilities, Spire is well equipped with 4 Macros, 4 Envelopes, 4 LFOs with morphing shapes, and 15 Matrix slots, each equipped with 2 sources and 4 targets, giving you plenty of room to dive deep into various routings.

On the main front panel, you’ll also find two Steppers and an Arpeggiator, both very user-friendly and quick to use.

To finish off the sound, Spire also offers a global 3 Band EQ and X-Comp, basically a Multiband Compressor. These are great allies if you’re after really bold, fat patches with character, which is the reason why this softsynth has often been compared sonically to the infamous Access Virus Ti.

If programming virtual synthesizers is not your thing, or if you just want a bunch of quality pre-made sounds, Spire has a lot to offer: over 1000 factory presets are included, from complex arpeggios and bass sequences to a versatile assortment of leads, exhilarating pads, plucks, drums and Fxs.

As for the look and feel, Spire can rescale its UI to various sizes and has various themes to choose from. It looks modern and sleek, with an intuitive UI despite its complexity.

It’s available for either Windows or Mac-based computers, with supported plugin formats being AU, VST, and AAX, and it runs on all the major DAWs.

Get it now at 50% via PluginBoutique. You will get a free Moogerfooger plugin with any purchase this month.

Get the deal: Spire (expires on May 16th)


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  1. 113 euros is a 50% offer?
    I’m not saying that Spire is bad, but 113 euros?
    Thank you guys at Reveal Sound for their great deals that don’t even offer VST3 support…
    Did I shed tears of laughter?

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