Get All Of RAWVOLTAGE’s Plugins For Free (Donationware)


Rawvoltage offers its entire plugin range as a free download with optional donations.

In the mood for some free stuff? I can hear you groan as you make space in your plugin folder but don’t worry; I’m right there with you.

RAWVOLTAGE has set its entire plugin library free. We don’t know the reason for this change, but we hope it doesn’t mean that the developer is going out of business.

Users are encouraged to make donations if possible. Whether or not you donate, three free instruments and three effects are available for your perusal.

Glory is first up on our list. It is a subtractive synthesizer with a host of features. You get access to analog-modeled oscillators, a sub-oscillator, a transient oscillator, and an arpeggiator, among other features.

Also available for Glory is a smattering of free soundbanks if you’re not in the mood for sound design. These range over a wide variety of genres.

W-77 is a decidedly more vintage style of subtractive synth and is strictly monophonic in concept.

This one has three oscillator waveforms, an automatic LFO, and a quick and easy workflow. The only free soundbank available are the factory presets, but the synth can put in some work if you’re after a little bit of that Tangerine Dream feel.

The final instrument is Bad Contact, which is more test equipment than an instrument. It generates sounds that you can manipulate and make sound more or less lo-fi. Not super usable in production, but it is great for sampling purposes.

As for the effects, you can download FX Box, PMP, and Mask Off for free from Rawvoltage.

FX Box is the effects section of Glory but as a standalone package. PMP gives you that wonderful pumping sound you get with sidechain compression. Mask Off is a voice cleaner for streaming live audio, intended to help rich sound from dull sound sources.

FX Box, in particular, is a fun one and carries across the admittedly solid effects section to be used on other synths and sound sources.

These are, unfortunately, Windows-only VST plugins at the time of this writing. Donation information and sound demos, manuals, and other documentation are directly available on the developer’s website.

Download: RAWVOLTAGE (it looks like the developer’s site was hit with malware, so we removed the link)


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Liam is a producer, mixing engineer, and compressor aficionado. When not mixing, he can be found pretending to play guitar, as he has been doing for the last 20 years.


  1. Mask Off? With that big hole in the Glory logo, and some Bad Contact, it’s a wonder you won’t catch the CLAP… *cough*
    Glory is of that weird genre that is software inspired by real hardware, with a limited but quirky feature set, but not an n-th simulation of a Juno or SH-something. If looking for a comparison, Ragnarok from Full Bucket Music has a similar VCO arrangement and overall use. Hungry beast, but a beast nonetheless. Some very nice presets as starting point in many genres, which is always welcomed. Bit of a dark GUI tho. Imma try W-77 next, looks cool too.
    Anywho, thanks Rawvoltage for the gift. I hope it’s a temporary setback, and you will come up with some sexy offering in the future. You certainly seem capable of it!

    • Aha I’m was just thinking that I have read all the article and notice at the end that it’s only for Windows… :)
      But I was thinking that I am actually the idiot to not check first the compatibility, as I did everytime..!
      Thank you BPB for all these super deals !

    • i feel like you, as a mac user, have to be dumb not to just page search “mac” or “windows” to see if a plugin supports mac before wasting your time reading about it. every time i see a free kontakt instrument i search “player” bc i don’t have full kontakt and it saves me from getting my hopes up, like it’s not that hard lmao

      • Tomislav Zlatic


        All articles have a compatibility section right before the download link. And whenever a library is compatible with Kontakt Player, it’s highlighted in the article.

        I’ll try to include this info in the first sentence whenever possible to make it more obvious. If you have any other suggestions on improving BPB, please let me know, this stuff is super helpful! :)

    • Tolkien Bandit


      Relax. Oh no, you had to read a few paragraphs?! Next time, just scroll down to the end of the post. Or is that too difficult for you, ya lazy twat?

      • I didn’t receive the license code after going through the checkout process, don’t remember having chosen a password for my account and when I use their “password forgotten” option I don’t receive an email, even after waiting for more than an hour.
        The website is half in English and half in a foreign language. That whole thing is a mess.

        • I just realized that they changed it to a generic license code, no need for a user account. My bad.
          Btw. @Tolkien, my comment wasn’t meant to be a reply to your comment, that was by accident.

          • i can’t download this i don’t really understand what buttons im
            pressing and ive bought it six times still no code or download

    • Peter Dillon-Parkin


      That seems a bit harsh. Traditionally the end of an article is where you put OS info etc. Look at most sites. Should they put a huge NOT FOR MAC OWNERS spoiler at the start of the article. You can hardly have been jonesing for them as they’re not for Mac’s. I work on a PC and won’t be bothering as there’s too much free stuff about and I’m time poor. I suggest you do the same.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Chill, lol. Anyway, we typically mention the OS compatibility in the first sentence, but I was editing this one on my phone while running around, so it wasn’t included.

    • Is this a private fight, or can anyone join this clownshow?

      (Thanks for the article, but I’ll have you know that Liam is not short for William . . . it’s Bill, Billy, Will, Willy, Willi (GDR), Guillaume, Gui, or Guillermo. Definitively not Liam.)

    • Can’t one use WINE to run Windows apps on MacOS ?

      “Wine (originally an acronym for “Wine Is Not an Emulator”) is a compatibility layer capable of running Windows applications on several POSIX-compliant operating systems, such as Linux, macOS, & BSD.”

    • Maybe because five or so of the soundbanks are already included in the VST ? So there is no need to download them separatly.

      • Nah, I don’t think so. The browser warned me about how it might contain a virus and the website might have been hacked.

  2. Michael Jackson


    I tried Glory and it has some good sounds. Working very well on Windows 7. Gonna be busy trying out the others tomorrow (hopefully).

  3. Bruno de Souza Lino


    I’ve tried some of the stuff they have and there’s nothing in these plugins that stand out for me. Some of them are extremely basic (like Accelerator) and they have quite high system requirements for basic effects and synths. Some of them are incomplete as well (you can’t create, load or save presets in some) and they can crash your DAW.

  4. The GUI burns me eyes, looking at bright red at length is not for me. Can’t find a setting to change it anyhow ?

  5. What am I doing wrong? Despite code input, the plugs remain in demo status. I haven’t received an e-mail either, and Norton doesn’t like the plugs either.

  6. Just how entitled do some mac users think they are !!!?????

    You wanna feel some real disappointment, as experienced by Android users
    constantly missing out on mac tablet app only goodies.

    Btw, do we just download the demos, or are there full version downloads somewhere on the site ?

  7. Hi all, be careful – there is a riskware warning that Malwarebytes pops up, on practically every page, including the download ones.

    Every offering they have (3 synths, 8 fx processors plus 1 freebie) are all .exe files – going to run them all through multiple virus checkers before clicking on any.

    Liam and others at BPB – *love* your freebies posts, so informative in addition to simply providing links – but please do watch out for such infected pages/sites!!

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hey Saty, thank you for your comment! I always check the developer’s website before featuring them on BPB (I have multiple malware checks in place, both on our server and my computer), but it seems that the Rawvoltage website got infected after we published this.

      I don’t think that the plugin installers are infected (because they’re separate from the website), but the website definitely has some issues. I removed the links. Thank you again for reporting this.

  8. Michael Jackson


    When this article came out, I went and downloaded the VSTs from the download page with no problems. GLORY and W-77 have some good presets. After I installed the banks for GLORY, it did crash when I reopened reaper (and crashed reaper). But it works fine now. I really like PMP on pads. The flanger and phaser works good but the reverb has a lite effect.

    But after reading about malware here, I decided to visit the page again (had it bookmark) and, if you wait a minute or two, it takes you to a hard-core porn site. This developer doesn’t have to be a dick. There’s no excuse for doing this!
    Malwarebytes Free did come up with some problems but odd ones like wolf shaper vst uninstaller.exe and digiverb vst registry key.

    But I wouldn’t recommend visiting this site anymore. I will be doing an off-line virus scan on my computer tonight.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hey, thanks for reporting this. I removed the link to their website. It looks like their website was infected with malware in the meanwhile. I doubt that the plugin installers are affected, but the website definitely has some strange redirects going on.

      • Michael Jackson


        The website wasn’t like this before. I scanned my computer with Malwarebytes Free and Avira Rescue System and I have nothing so I agree that the installers are fine. Is the developer doing this or did someone hack his site? Some people go down the porn rabbit hole for money. You never know these days. Cyber attacks are on the increase each day.

        • Tomislav Zlatic


          My guess is that it was a cyber attack on Rawvoltage’s website. Most indie developers aren’t experienced webmasters, so they build a website using free tools and cheap hosting, often with gaping security holes.

          • (…cough, cough)
            “…using free tools and cheap hosting, often with ==> gaping security holes <== ."

            I'm not proud of myself, but… I admit… I giggled.

  9. Thank you William for this useful news! I will try Glory with pleasure and a little sadness knowing that the company could not be profitable due to piracy.
    They must know that making money with music production has also become very complicated.
    RIP RawVoltage! :(

  10. Michael Jackson


    Tom, the site is working on Chrome and Firefox now. No malware came up. ran Malwarebytes afterwards and all clean.

    I apologize for what i said about the developer but i have had in the past free software that also came with “free” stuff with it. So I am a bit on-guard when this happens. It’s been awhile but these things do make a come-back. Nothing worse than cleaning up a machine or restoring a 12-hour backup. ruins a whole day that could have been more productive.

    With AI, will the problem get worse? I bet AI could do some really destructive stuff.

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