Get FREE Plugin Alliance Products Worth $20 Or Less Until Tomorrow!


Plugin Alliance offers a $20 coupon code with no minimum spend, allowing customers to get one or more plugins for free. The offer ends on Monday, May 29th.

Did you miss Plugin Alliance’s previous giveaway in March? Don’t worry. You now have another opportunity to get one or more of their products without any cost.

Even if you already got a freebie last time, you can still expand your music production arsenal by adding more Plugin Alliance products.

I love these $20 deals from PA, as I always discover some new mixing or sound design tool that I can get for cheap or even free.

Unfiltered Audio makes some incredible sound design tools, and I already picked up a few of them for free in the previous promotions. Indent 2 and Sandman are personal favorites of mine, and they get tons of use in my cinematic sound design workflow.

If you’re looking for more conservative tools to help you mix music, check out Lindell Audio’s analog-inspired equalizers and compressors. Another great option is the brainworx plugin suite, covering everything from channel strips to clinically precise filters and compressors.

How to get a free Plugin Alliance plugin

Use the coupon code SUMMER-20-OFF at checkout to apply a $20 discount to your order. If the total price of products in your shopping cart is less than $20, you can complete the checkout for free.

You can either get a free single plugin valued at $19.99, such as the SPL Attacker Plus, or combine various lower-priced plugins, like the Lindell Audio 6X-500 and SPL Mo-Verb Plus.

Another option is to use the coupon code for a discount on a higher-priced plugin. For example, you can snag the bx_masterdesk plugin for only $9.99 this way.

Don’t forget to act fast, though. The offer ends in less than 24 hours.

Another thing to consider is that Plugin Alliance often resets these discounts multiple times in a row. So there’s a chance that we’ll get another code to use tomorrow. I will update this article if that happens.

What plugin did you get?

I’d love to hear what plugins you’ll get with the coupon code. The BPB community always provides some excellent tips in the comments section, so I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts!

Again, the coupon code expires tomorrow.

UPDATE: As expected, Plugin Alliance reset the code so you can use it again!

Get the deal: Plugin Alliance (use coupon code SUMMER-20-OFF to get a $20 discount)


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About Author

Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. I recommend Unfiltered Audio plugins all the way. Fault, Sandman Pro and Indent are my go to plugins because they are truly awesome.

    • Cool beans, dude. I’d already set my eye on Fault after a quick browse through the list of plugins on offer, but I will definitely add Sandman Pro and Indent to my ever-increasing watchlist too, now. Cheers.

    • Have Plugin Alliance stopped releasing new plugins ? I already got all the Unfiltered Audio plugs.

      I would be interested in using the coupon towards an instrument, but already got what I want from that as well.

      It is like they only hold sales these days?

      • right, its hard to find some new plugins for free using this 20$ coupon if u use PA more then a year.also the price politics is insane for me…u can get plugin for free or for a few $ and then they cost 432 billion zigalions trulalalion $ again without updating old fashion gui, ability to save presets(using ableton) and the PA instalation manager is like all other nanegers what only to install but to uninstall u have to do it your own witch is more then strange.

        • For anybody that have twenty bucks to spare (in addition to the coupon), DS Thorn synth is the one to get, one of the best I have yet to own. Unfiltered Audio Lion is also a synth to consider for the adventurous, very deep, with many possibilities

          • Thorn is good. i mean i have all ua plugins except tails(got it only for ios right now). i have more then 50 plugins from pa and really they are good.

  2. No idea what to get – I already have attacker and de-verb; maybe the tubescreamer and boom? Any thoughts?

    • Don’t overthink it; they give out these free codes 2-3 times a year, and usually renew the code for reuse 2-3 times per promotion. Just grab everything one-by-one in order from the “under $19.99” list until you have them all (unless there’s something you know you want right now). Don’t forget to stack two $9.99 guitar pedal types if you’re getting those.

  3. As I own many of the big game plugs at PA, this was a nice opportunity to grab a couple of those tiny bx_* beauts, namely bx_chorus2 and bx_boom. Thanks Tomislav! That’s exactly why I mention your newsletter to all of my students :)

  4. Siddharth Saraswat


    I’ve heard a lot about Unfiltered Audio plugins but, haven’t tried any of its plugins yet. The reason is I find its UI to be very messy and confusing, all ugly looking knobs here and there. Also, from what I’ve seen in images and videos is that modulating parameters makes it more confusing as it uses patching cables in its UI which makes it more complex looking.

    But still, I want to try out its plugins. What Unfiltered Audio plugin should I get? Could anybody suggest?

    🔔 Not entirely sure but for those who want to get Brainworx bx_meter for free can get it by using

    Coupon Code: MASTERING-STUDIO-FREE-MASTER at the checkout.

    I think this will work even after the offer expires. Please, comment and let me know if this trick still works.

  5. Unfiltered Audio have dropped that modulation system on their newer plugins (unfortunately imo).

    It’s certainly ‘messy’ but the complexity of the modulations you can achieve is mindblowing. Personally I like having a cable from the modulator to the parameter it’s affecting, I much prefer that to a mod matrix.

    I’d recommend Sandman Pro, pretty much my goto delay with numerous modes and the sleep buffer is excellent for more experimental sounds, glitches etc especially when modulated. Probably Fault after that, mainly pitch and frequency shifting with delay too.

    Depends on what you do really, if it’s not strange, experimental, out-there stuff then maybe not for you.

  6. Crazy Jake McGee


    Oh, yeah. Unfiltered Audio. One of the plugin groups they are changing the prices on as I browse what’s available.
    I mean, it’s not like anyone will notice the changes and decide to PASS!

    Maybe a radical idea, but how about they put out the coupon when they’ve made up their minds on prices?

  7. Wwellll….. Here we go again, haha! XD

    Just want to point out that, like last time, some items that are $19.99 are not listed under the “SUMMER OF SOUND $7.99–$19.99” segment. For example, Sandman Pro and Bx Masterdesk True Peak (if you previously redeemed Bx Masterdesk Classic for free).

    (P.S. I’m still sad after the last time, when i missed their Wedge Force Matcha which was discounted to $19.99 for a just few hours, haha…)

    • Apologies, i meant “bx_masterdesk”, if you previously redeemed this you can get bx_masterdesk True Peak for $19.99. bx_masterdesk Classic is their lower tier free version.

      • Hope they will reset the voucher again. I will snag der BX_Masterdesk True Peak for free this time after I bought the normal version today for 10 bucks

      • Angelo Furlan


        I thought that by now I had gotten everything I wanted from all these PA deals, but somehow, I never noticed bx-masterdesk True Peak. Thanks!

      • Glad i could be of help to y’all! :D

        (P.S. Dear Tomislav, hope your efforts to improve this site are going well, so that we may soon be able to more easily keep track of our previous posts & replies or correct mistakes, for this beloved community to keep growing. ^.^)

  8. I spent an extra $9.99 with the discount for Brainworx bx_subsynth, a sub-frequency generator. Definitely going to have fun with this one!

  9. right, its hard to find some new plugins for free using this 20$ coupon if u use PA more then a year.also the price politics is insane for me…u can get plugin for free or for a few $ and then they cost 432 billion zigalions trulalalion $ again without updating old fashion gui, ability to save presets(using ableton) and the PA instalation manager is like all other nanegers what only to install but to uninstall u have to do it your own witch is more then strange.

  10. I’ve just entered for curiosity bc 20 on discount is interesting,but ended up paying and buying the Unfiltered Audio Bundle lol. My first buy ever.

  11. Thanks very much T, BPB, PA, your email and woke me up too lol, very much appreciated
    I was wondering what to get, then i read this page and got BX_Masterdesk True Peak… thanks for the heads up Darryl Lim, that was an awesome find, appreciate you sharing too

  12. just got a BassMan amp for free with this voucher! EVERY guitarist should play thru this gear, software & hardware in this lifetime, it’s legendary for good reason, stands the test of time

      • Can never go wrong with Unfiltered Audio’s stuff, awesome for sound mangling!

        Looks like most of their plugins that you can usually grab for free got bumped out of the <$20 range this time around though, as did many other brands.

  13. Just noticed, but can others confirm, is Native Instruments Kontakt 7 on half-price sale again now? Do those earlier free-gift cross-grade discounts still work to further lower the price this time??

    My ancient computer upgrade is approaching very soon, & this might be the year i finally splurge for (heavily discounted) full Kontakt!

    • You might think about the KOMPLETE 14 offers (I bought NI-hardware and got intresting offers update and crossgrade).

      • I found out that my “Heavyocity Foundations – Emotive Choir” freebie qualifies me for the crossgrade $99.50 price! Seems like this is it, the right time for me to FINALLY spring for FULL KONTAKT after many years of coveting it in these forums haha.

        I still won’t be able to use it as i’m still on Windows 7, & my mega computer overhaul-upgrade is still months away, but if i understood it correctly Kontakt only goes half-price during mid-year/summertime, so now might be the best time to get it, especially now that Kontakt 7 is freshly out (many years before needing to pay for the next update).

        • Best purchase I´ve ever made!

          Apart from the included libraries you get with it, PIANOBOOK is a goldmine of a contact full version. You’ll find tons of usable instruments there!

          Go for it! ;)

          • I got it, Oliver!! :))

            This is now my FIRST EVER serious financial audio-software investment, as an income-less amateur hobby-songwriter who has been fully reliant on BPB freebies for years…

            Feels like i just achieved some kind of major rite-of-passage as a bedroom composer lol! :D

            (P.S. To Tomislav, whom i consider an unofficial mentor, just so you’ll notice this post, i finally got it, FULL KONTAKT 7 weeeee!! :P)

            • Tomislav Zlatic


              Hey Darryl, that is great to hear! You can now enjoy hundreds of Kontakt libraries without limitations. Enjoy and make some great music! :)

              • Yup, only $99.50! Mentioned this in a previous post, even the recent Heavyocity Foundations freebies qualified for crossgrade! :D

                • Tomislav Zlatic


                  Amazing that it still works! I’ll write another article about this, as it’s an incredible deal.

  14. Oh geez I love those PA codes! Shame that every item on my wish list right now is over $40 this time. I woudl love to grab HG-2 from Black Box. But the extra 20 bucks, ouch… Right now it won’t do…
    Just so I don’t waste PA’a generosity I got Sandman Pro and it came with Instant Delay

  15. Michael Jackson


    I bought SPL Attacker Plus using the coupon (it was priced at $19.99). I got some percussion to try it out on.

  16. Richard Cooper


    Grabbed up MegaDual (already had bassdude) and grabbed RooMS too. The guitar amp from PA are really so much better than anything else I’ve tried.

  17. PA Mail today

    “How to use your $20 code three times (3x): We will reset the code “SUMMER-20-OFF” again in 24 hours. If you use the code before it is reset, you can use it three times (3x).”

    Does that mean the code will be renewed again tomorrow or did I just miss the first round? Because the code does not work today

  18. Just got some of their guitar amps for 9$ a piece: Fuchs Train II, ODS50 and Friedman DS. Incredible sims, if you’ve got a dark guitar like a Les Paul the Train II amp SINGS, really opens it up!

  19. Just grabbed Vocal Enhancer for $9.99 after applying their voucher, looks like it can sweeten the vocals, perhaps a good EQ alternative, can’t wait to try it out.

  20. Bx refinement, one of the greatest tools to take off harshness… Not deesing… Or like tape emulations that might tame te highs too much with the bias.. Make the tracks come alive

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