Native Instruments Is Giving Away Irish Harp For FREE Until July 3


Native Instruments offers the Irish Harp sample library for Kontakt Player as a free download until July 3rd, 2023.

It certainly isn’t Christmas, but who can turn down a free present from Native Instruments? If you’ve been looking to complement the LABS bagpipes we showcased recently, then look no further than Irish Harp from Native Instruments. It can be yours, free of charge, until July 3rd.

Irish Harp is available for Kontakt Player, so it doesn’t require the full version of Kontakt (which you can currently get for $99.50). However, your Kontakt Player must be updated to version 7.3.0 or higher to use the library.

As Irish Harp comes with 930 MB of multi-samples on board, it is ready to act as a decoration, leading voice, or so much more for your productions. Irish Harp was captured from a 34-string neo harp and comes with some neat articulations packed in the instrument.

If you’ve been looking to add some organic flourishes to your own music, the Irish Harp is a great addition to your arsenal. It pairs well with various genres, not just the standard folk or classical music it could inspire.

Native Instrument even demonstrates this on its landing page, showing traditional use alongside more atypical electronic production. As a means of ornamentation or melody, it could very give you a sweetening voice atop an ambient hip-hop track.

I especially like that my MIDI controller’s mod wheel can directly affect the tremolo of the playback. You also get some key switches for controlling some of the more aspects of the performance, like string dampening.

While the Irish Harp may not be as featured as a fully standalone release from the likes of East West, there is more than enough to get to music making.

Irish Harp is a fun addition to any Kontakt library collection and pairs well with a slew of effects. I’m looking forward to putting this through its paces in some ambient works, where I’ll put some stochastic sequencing to good use for more out-there rhythms and melodic work.

It’s hard to deny a virtual instrument when it costs the same as a deep breath, so you might as well snag it before it disappears. You can scope out some more demos over at Native Instruments, and if you happen to have a lump sum burning a hole in your wallet, you might as well check out the Summer of Sound Komplete upgrade sale.

Download: Irish Harp (Free until July 3rd)


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  1. Finally I got free kontakt harp, River Harp by Performance Samples is deprecated and or limited time only.

  2. Uncle E’s JRR Shop is 25 years old! He is selling impOscar 2 at $30 with code “Gforce10”
    Tempted, but AFAIK that plugin has not been updated since 2013 ?

  3. Ferenc Mosolyhozó


    Uilleann Pipes from spitfire, irish harp from NI… An international Irish band is already in construction. Love these sounds. What’s next? A good free diatonic harmonica library?

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