Vulture Culture Offers Inktomi 3-In-1 Modulation Plugin For FREE!


Vulture Culture offers the Inktomi vintage-style modulation effect as a free download for a limited time.

Inktomi is a simple 3-in-1 modulation tool designed for processing synthesizers that don’t have built-in effects.

It can work as a chorus, phaser, and ensemble effect. You can choose the modulation type and then adjust the modulation speed and depth using the knobs on the front.

Inktomi also includes a rich-sounding reverb that enhances leads and pad sounds. However, you can’t customize the reverb’s sound. It’s provided as-is, and we can only adjust its intensity.

I tested Inktomi on Charlatan, one of my favorite freeware synthesizers (and one that conveniently doesn’t include any effects).

Unsurprisingly, these two plugins are a match made in heaven. Inktomi perfectly matches Charlatan’s analog vibe, adding depth to its wonderfully gritty raw sound.

Inktomi seems like a simple plugin on paper, but its unusual sound character makes it stand out compared to generic modulation effects.

According to Vulture Culture, this distinct character comes from emulating vintage Bucket Brigade circuits. The plugin intentionally captures the imperfections and warmth of analog gear.

The vintage-style processing sounds great with Inktomi’s modulation modes. Once you apply that to an analog-inspired subtractive synthesizer like Charlatan, it’s easy to forget you’re not playing a real analog synthesizer.

In conclusion, I love Inktomi’s sound, giving it bonus points for the uncluttered interface.

All available controls are easy to reach, but the simplicity doesn’t result in a lack of flexibility. On the contrary, Inktomi offers three different modulation types and a tasty reverb unit that sounds fantastic on synths.

Also, don’t assume that Inktomi is only useful for processing synthesizers. It also sounds nice on guitars (I tried it on a backing guitar track in one of my recent projects) and keys (electric piano in particular).

It never hurts to add an extra modulation effect to your toolkit, and the market isn’t oversaturated with them like it is with saturation and compressor plugins.

Keep in mind that Inktomi is only free for a limited time. You can download your copy from the developer’s website below. A working email address is required to receive the download link.

Inktomi is compatible with VST3 plugin hosts on Windows.

By the way, if you like modulation plugins that sound fantastic on synths, I highly recommend BABY Audio’s free Pitch Drift plugin. It will make any synth sound vintage in a matter of seconds.

Download: Inktomi


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    Computer Music latest issue has Caelum Audio Choric Quartet (four voice chorus) as freebie

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