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Florian Mrugalla Releases FREE NEL Vibrato Plugin


Florian Mrugalla releases NEL, a freeware vibrato plugin for Windows and macOS.

I admittedly know very little about vibrato as an effect. Yes, it’s based on a simple concept of volume pitch (haha!) modulation, but it was never among my favorite pedals or features on an amp or pedal.

Moreover,  I am terrible at playing the organ.

That said, NEL by Florian Mrugalla looks like a thoroughly modern take on the concept.

NEL was designed with the express intent of reducing artifacts and producing a clean and versatile vibrato. To this end, it utilizes feed-forward delays that modulate the signal’s pitch and time. You’ve got six modulators to choose from, and you can mix any two to get your desired vibrato.

The interface itself is a modern affair, calling to mind something like Collage by Kalide, with a very simplistic design that is quick to read.

You’ve got a randomized parameter for trying different sorts of effects out, which can yield some seriously cool results on the right material.

NEL’s modulators include a Perlin noise generator, an envelope follower, an audio rate MIDI input, an LFO, a pitch bend, and a macro.

In addition to the two base modulators active at any given time, four macros can be dragged and dropped to any modulation source for further control over the signal itself.

I found this sounded fantastic on a series of pads. It benefits synthetic strings and house organs quite well and gives a little depth and intrigue I otherwise wouldn’t have done on my own.

I’m not one of the diehards that runs everything through Plugin Doctor, but I didn’t really discern much in the way of noise or bit reduction.

The plugin’s author has done a fair job in creating a modern vibrato plugin. I greatly appreciate the interface, and I’m a huge fan of any plugin with a randomization feature.

While the randomization sometimes does result in unlistenable chaos, it serves as a great point of inspiration where you can sculpt things into a more reasonable state.

NEL is available for Windows and Mac computers. You’ll need a 64-bit host capable of using VST3 or AU plugins to use it.

Download: NEL (FREE)


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Liam is a producer, mixing engineer, and compressor aficionado. When not mixing, he can be found pretending to play guitar, as he has been doing for the last 20 years.


      • Florian Mrugalla


        The plugin started out being really simple in the beginning, but I ended up wanting it to be useful for all kinds of vibrato situations. I actually have had many more ideas for potential features and actively held myself back from adding them, so you can see this as the bare minimum ;)

    • VibratoEnjoyer5000


      > “I admittedly know very little about apples as a fruit. Yes, they’re basically yellow, curved, and come in bunches…”

      It happens to the best of us :D

  1. OK, others got there first… vibrato is pitch, tremolo is volume… not helped by Fender using ‘tremolo’ to describe vibrato on the Jaguar/Jazzmaster’s (uh) ‘whammy bar’ decades ago!

    • Oh wow. Do not google “guitar tremolo system”, the horror! NSFW, well NSFA as in Anything, Anyone, or Anywhere. Even the Wikipedia page “Vibrato systems for guitar” mentions this as a common mistake.

      Tsk, tsk… Guitar people. They’re built diff’rent.

      • Some people aren’t used to GitHub’s ways.
        A common fix I’ve seen used numerous times is to add a “/releases” link to the readme.md file, so it looks more like a ‘normal’ website. Clever trick to avoid questions. ^_^;

      • Also, the Windows zip has two .vst3 files, one dated 31 May and the other 25 September, some DAWs will not like that or will load the older build… Oopsie!

    • You’re wrong. But it’s not your fault, the main page is wrong. Just use the Releases link on the right column, you’ll find a MacOS build.

  2. Michal Ochedowski


    If anyone is interested, a Liquid Death Snare plugin from Purafied is currently free.

  3. That guy let’s you follow his train of thoughts and programming via Youtube, one of the best sources if you want to start programming plugins yourself. The GUI is obviously a special taste, the sound should speak here.

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