Waves Audio Offers FREE Silk Vocal On Black Friday!


Waves Audio released Silk Vocal, a vocal processing plugin that is FREE on Black Friday!

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Silk Vocal is aimed at simplifying and enhancing vocal mixing. The latest release from Waves Audio uses 2,000 analysis bands to identify and correct problematic resonances, ensuring a balanced vocal track.

Designed to speed up your vocal mixing workflow, Silk Vocal addresses issues like resonant frequencies, boominess, harshness, and sibilance. These common issues often hinder vocals from blending seamlessly into a mix.

Silk Vocal combines smart EQ and dynamic processing in a single interface. The plugin detects the issues in the vocal recording and helps the user remove them using a streamlined workflow.

The interface is clean-looking and intuitive, with three main control knobs (Low, Mid, High), each targeting a different area of the spectrum. You can manually adjust the level of correction in each part of the spectrum, so it’s easy to remove the boominess or harshness with a single knob movement.

Silk Vocal has separate modes for male and female vocals and useful additional features like a high-pass filter, gate, and the ability to solo each band.

You can see and hear Silk Vocal in action in the demo video below.

If you prefer using a specialized vocal processing tool instead of a custom plugin chain, Silk Vocal is worth a try.

I tested it briefly before publishing this article, and my first impression was quite positive. It took me just a couple of minutes to improve a quick vocal recording I captured with a USB microphone in a room that was far from ideal.

Silk Vocal was able to bring the vocal into focus and slightly remove some of the boxiness (the result of subpar recording conditions), so it’s definitely handy to have if you’re mixing vocals in a hurry,

You can get Silk Vocal for FREE from Waves Audio on Black Friday only. We announced the release in our news section earlier this month, but you can still sign up to get a free copy of the plugin if you haven’t already.

To claim your free copy of Silk Vocal, visit the product page linked below, click the “Get it FREE” button, and enter your email address. You should receive your license info via email.

Please note that you will need to register a Waves Audio user account and download the Waves Center software to activate your license.

Silk Vocak is compatible with VST, AU, and AAX plugin hosts on Windows and macOS.

Get it free: Waves Silk Vocal (FREE on Black Friday!)


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  1. My goal for 2024 is to release 3 tracks pitched for sync placements and one song featuring myself at least as the singer and songwriter.

  2. It looks great but,

    I tries yesterday and today a few times, it says
    “Thank You!

    Your free plugin is estimated to arrive by email within 2-4 hours.”

    But never arrived

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