Imaginando Celebrates 10th Anniversary with A Ten-Day Deals Campaign


Imaginando celebrates its 10th anniversary with an epic 10-day streak of deals on its best-selling plugins.

We featured Imaginando quite a few times. The Portugal-based development team has released some of the finest freeware and paid plugins on the market, including the DLYM 2.0 modulation effect and FRMS, one of my favorite granular plugins.

If you want to upgrade your music production software setup with some new plugins, check out the latest deals from Imaginando.

The company will offer a different deal daily to celebrate the 10th anniversary. The K7D and TKFX deals have already expired, but seven days remain to grab a deal on some of their other plugins.

The aforementioned FRMS is currently on sale for only 14.9 EUR, which is a whopping 90% OFF its usual 119 EUR price tag.

That’s literally a no-brainer deal if you need a powerful and versatile granular processing tool. But more deals are coming soon if you’re looking for something else.

Imaginando states that the deals will range from 60% to 90% OFF. Every deal will only last for 24 hours, so keep an eye on Imaginando’s home page to get the latest price drops.

The campaign ends on June 13th, after each Imaginando product gets featured in the sale.

So, what else can we expect from this 10-day-long Imaginando sale?

BAM is Imaginando’s complete music production and beat-making tool. The software packs everything you might need to start making beats on desktop or iOS, regardless of your skill level or setup.

Another super-interesting Imaginando product is the VS – Visual Synthesizer. It’s a tool that lets you create visuals that react to music. Think old Winamp and Windows Media Player visualizations (I’m that old, I know), but fully customizable and with a lot more flexibility.

DRC is a powerful subtractive synthesizer by Imaginando.

If you’re into subtractive synthesis, I highly recommend waiting for the DRC deal. It’s a fantastic polyphonic synthesizer with plenty of synthesis firepower packed in an intuitive, sleek-looking user interface.

I use DRC as one of my main synths on iOS, but the desktop version is equally good (if not better, given the advantages of working in a desktop-based DAW).

If you want to get started for free, you should check out the DLYM plugin. It’s a freeware delay and modulation tool that I often use for my cinematic sound design work.

Get the deal: Imaginando (different deal every day until June 13th!)


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