bpb Freeware Studio: Best Free Electric Piano VSTi Plugins


Just in case the samples listed in Free Sample Shootout #3 haven’t fulfilled your needs for free electric piano sounds, here is a list of the best freeware electric piano VSTi plugins you can find online.

Click the links for more info & screenshots:

This article is a part of the bpb Freeware Studio series. Each article in the series features a selection of the best freeware VST instruments/effects, or other audio related software in a certain category. Something similar to the Free Sample Shootouts, only this time it’s all about software.

If you’re looking for freeware tools to add to your studio arsenal, you’ve certainly come to the right place. The goal here is not to list all the free software available in a certain category, but only include the freeware plugins/programs of highest quality. Feel free to suggest your favorite free software in the comments section below. Enjoy!

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Tomislav is a musician and a blogger. He writes about free and affordable music production tools on a daily basis here at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. thanks a lot for these… I haven’t found one piano that really sounds good and has all the features I need so far… guess I’ll have to buy one sooner or later… anyway, thanks a lot for these links, I’ll check them out!

  2. bedroomproducers on

    you’re welcome. that’s exactly what i’m trying to do here, offering freeware alternatives to be used until commercial software can be acquired.

    although there’s quite a few freeware items in my arsenal which i’d never exchange for other stuff, paid or not. :]

  3. hey good selection!

    my favorite one is not in there so i thought i add it in the comments: MrRay 73 from GSI is what i prefer :)

    Hey BPB good work with this blog i love it!!!


  4. as for me, mda ePiano is my favourite freeware wannabe-rhodes instrument of all times. very special distinct character and great transparent sound. it colored a lot of my tracks the right way.

  5. nice choices I must admit. I just want to say that I am ”that other type of person” which chose the ”wrong way”…
    I used to make music, for personal fun ofc… With comercial stuff+reason… Since I found out about freewares and how high quality they can be – I can’t make music no more:(
    All I do now is gathering freewares and test them, since (by last count my VST folder has 2500+ FX – and even theseones are the ones I consider good) then I am poisoned and I am living proof that TOO MUCH is not got at all…
    As soon as I pick lets say one VSTi – I feel that some other could suite in song more – I change it and quite fast I GO TO BEGINNING of this line:(
    I am sick, like those people that can’t stop gathering stamps or handkerchiefs… Nevermind…
    Peace! Love the site!

    • Bedroom Producers Blog on

      oh, i went through that phase too. it’s not necessarily a bad thing, though.

      after a while, i’ve learned which plugins work best for me, so i’ve decided to clean up my folder and remove those which i rarely or never use. now i’ve limited myself to around 30 plugins (including both effects and instruments) which i know how to use well and which suit my workflow. i wouldn’t be able able to do this by just picking random plugins i saw on the web.

      so, spend some more time testing various plugins and then take the next step and create a selection of your most favorite ones.

  6. sorta anonymous on

    I would add the predecessor to Mr. Ray 73, Mr. Ray 22. In my opinion it sounds better and has a more old sound. Has more pickups and it pretty customize-able too.

    GTG EP 2008 is pretty good too and has that vintage sound. Its not really the gravelly kind, more of the metallic emulation kind.

    Tickyclav is pretty good too, but its a clavinet so it probably wouldn’t fit with the rest of the list

  7. Sorry but my english is very poor.

    Muchas gracias por todo. Me ha sido de mucha utilidad lo que encontré aquí
    Espero con ansias que incluyan pianos acústicos. (I am wait for acoustic pianos)

    Thank you very very much from Argentina

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