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Klanghelm Updates DC8C & DC1A VST/AU Compressor Plugins

DC8C 2 by Klanghelm.

DC8C 2 by Klanghelm.

Klanghelm has released DC1A 2 and DC8C 2, updated versions of two popular freeware and commercial compressor effects for Windows and Mac.

I’ve just updated the popular free compressor DC1A to the compression engine of its big brother DC8C 2. DC1A 2 offers a few more tricks than its predecessor, such as compression with negative ratios and dual mono operation.

DC1A 2 is available for free download via Klanghelm (4.3 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU/RTAS plugin format for Windows & Mac).

This fantastic freeware compressor is based on the compression algorithms of the its big brother DC8C 2 compressor, packed in a clean and easy to use interface. The compressor is heavily program dependent and will work great on a wide variety of sound sources, including vocals, bass, and drums. It is currently my go-to freeware compressor (included in BPB’s list of freeware compressors), since it is extremely easy to use and sounds fantastic.

The new version of DC1A brings an improved GUI interface, dual mono operation, negative compression rates, etc. The CPU hit has been reduced and DC offset is removed from saturation. Since the plugin now has a different sound, it comes with a new plugin ID so that it can be used alongside version 1 in your current projects. The old version of the plugin is still available for download on the official site.

DC8C 2 is priced at €20 and the update is completely free for registered users. The new version of the plugin includes a new GUI design, as well as the other improvements and fixes included in the DC1A 2 update. DC8C is regarded as one of the finest currently available compressor effects over at KVR Audio.

Video Demo

Check out the DC1A demo video:



Klanghelm Website: click here

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