LennarDigital Announces (Unofficially) 64-bit Sylenth1


With a teaser image which was recently posted on LennarDigital’s official Facebook page and one of their recent posts on Twitter, is it safe to assume that the release of a 64-bit version of Sylenth1 is finally here?

A teaser image which was posted on Facebook yesterday doesn’t really reveal much apart from the fact that some of the fonts have been changed on the GUI. Not very exciting per se, but if we also take into account one of their recent tweets (embedded below), it becomes obvious that something big is in the works.

The comments on the teaser image are also revealing that a 64-bit version of Sylenth1 is definitely in the works and that the update will be free for existing customers. Of course, none of this information is 100% official yet (although the comments and tweets have been posted by LennarDigital’s official social media profiles) and we’re yet to see an actual release date or an official announcement.

A 64-bit version of Sylenth1 is probably one of the most anticipated releases in the world of music making software, and for good reason. Sylenth1 is a hugely popular virtual instrument which has been around for ages and it makes sense that its developers would want to (at least) keep their flagship synthesizer compatible with current technology. In the meanwhile we’ve seen several contenders to Sylenth1’s place on the Iron Throne of EDM synthesizers, such as Sonic Academy ANA and the recently released u-he Hive, so it’s very exciting to see how a 64-bit version of Sylenth1 will cope with the competition.

Since BPB is a website which mainly focuses on free and affordable music making software, I can’t help but recommend some of my personal freeware alternatives to Sylenth1:

  • TyrellN6 by u-he (32-bit & 64-bit for Windows & Mac OS)
  • TAL-NoiseMaker by Togu Audio Line (32-bit & 64-bit for Windows & Mac OS)

For more freeware virtual instruments, take a look at our round-up of free virtual analogue synthesizers.

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LennarDigital – Offical on Facebook.

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  1. Lennar is selling a pack with 32Lives for Logic X (AU64)
    So 64bits native will make things easier for Mac users.

    On the other side, if i had to buy a synth now, it would be Spire (Reveal Sound) more than Hive, dune 2 , ANA or anything. This synth kicks.
    It already replaced Sylenth in a lot of productions. Yes, it is a CPU monster ;)

  2. Yeah this is sweet though. 32 lives is weak because i have to use it in audio units in ableton instead of the plugins folder where everything else is, and it also does some other glitchy stuff with the window and moving it and stuff. Maybe its normal, but no other plugin of mine does it. Just excited to have something more ironed out and less of a walk around.

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