Free Yamaha DD-8 Pack For Ableton Live By AfroDJMac (+Podcast)


Brian Funk aka AfroDJMac has released the Free Ableton Live Pack #155 featuring the sounds from BPB’s free Yamaha DD-8 drum sample pack. I also talked to Brian in his Music Production Podcast last week.

While the Yamaha DD-8 is indeed “just” a toy drum machine, its drum sounds are unique in their lo-fi character. We released a free DD-8 sample pack on BPB a while ago and AfroDJMac was cool enough to convert it into a full-featured drum pack for Ableton Live. If you prefer using WAV files in your sampler instrument of choice, then our original free pack is still the way to go. However, if you’re a Live user, by all means, go ahead and download ADM’s latest freebie pack to give your projects a serious lo-fi drum boost.

As is the case with all ADM creations, the new Yamaha DD-8 pack comes with a variety of built-in effects and macros to make the instrument more interesting and intuitive to play. As you can see in the demo video embedded at the top of the page, the instrument comes with an ADSR envelope, a filter, and a pair of modulation effects. The samples are fully mapped and ready to use out of the box. What’s particularly cool is that the single-cycle waveforms from the original pack are looped and mapped for playing as a proper lo-fi synth.

But that’s not all on the ADM/BPB collab front! I was happy to join AfroDJMac for an episode of his excellent Music Production Podcast last week. We chatted about everything from freeware VST plugins to hardware gear, 8-bit instruments, and ways to find time for music making in these busy times. It was loads of fun to chat with Brian, and I also enjoyed listening to some of the previous episodes of his podcast, especially the ones with Nuno Santos of DRC and our friend Animus Invidious of PerforModule. So, there’s some listening material for your next commute!

Ableton Live Pack #155 is available for free download via AfroDJMac (944 KB download size, ZIP archive, contains 21 audio samples in 16-bit WAV format, 1 Ableton Live set in ALS format).

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