Free MConvolutionEZ Convolution Reverb By MeldaProduction


MeldaProduction has released MConvolutionEZ, a freeware convolution reverb effect in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstations on PC and Mac.

MConvolutionEZ is a convolution reverb plugin capable of loading external impulse responses. It comes packed with a large number of impulses but the user can load any other IR file (or any other audio file for that matter) at their disposal. MeldaProduction has also included a collection of factory presets which cover the most commonly used types of reverb such as room, plate, hall, cathedral, and more.

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Sharing a similar design as the rest of MeldaProduction’s product lineup, MConvolutionEZ sports multiple skins, a built-in preset manager, parameter randomization, numerous A/B testing options, a bypass switch, and several other convenient UI features. Sadly, the user interface isn’t resizable in the freeware version of the plugin and upgrading to the paid version of MeldaProduction’s bundle is required. This is also indicated by the upgrade reminder at the bottom of the interface. Although the constantly visible reminder isn’t too distracting while tweaking the plugin parameters, some users will certainly find it annoying.

Speaking of the parameters, the control scheme is simple and at the same time very practical. Located at the top are the mix, stereo widening, and HP/LP filter cutoff knobs. The IR browser is positioned in the middle of the interface. It shows the bundled impulse response files by default, whereas checking the “Custom path” option will allow the user to browse any location on the computer. Obviously, the envelope and length of the loaded impulse response can’t be edited, which will probably be regarded as a drawback by the more advanced users. On the other hand, the simplified control scheme ensures a fast and efficient workflow and simplifies browsing through multiple IR files.

A quick note for any readers who are not familiar with the concept behind convolution reverbs. The idea is to use short bursts of noise to capture the frequency response of a certain space or a piece of studio gear. Once these recorded bursts of noise (called impulse responses or IRs) are loaded in a convolution plugin, they will essentially emulate the reverb characteristics of the space in which they were recorded. However, one can also experiment with using convolution reverb plugins for tone coloration purposes. If you load an impulse response of a telephone or a speaker and set the mix to 100% wet, the sound on the output will resemble the tone of the sampled device. Keep in mind, though, that impulse responses don’t capture any changes to the dynamics, so you’ll want to add some saturation/distortion and noise to the processed signal to maximize the effect.

To download your free copy of MConvolutionEZ, visit the product page linked below and download the MFreeFXBundle installer. The installer will allow you to choose only the plugins which you want to install on your computer. It will also clean up any previously installed MeldaProduction software and let you update it to the latest version

MConvolutionEZ is available for free download via MeldaProduction (254 MB download size, EXE installer, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/VST3/AU/AAX plugin format for Windows & MacOS).

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  1. There are a huge lack of free convolution reverbs 64bit. Sir1 and ReverberateLE are amazing, but the 32bit era has going. Therefore, despite some drawbacks, MConvolutionEZ, 64bit (\o/), is awesome.

  2. Juan Maria Solare


    exe installer? No way of persuading manufacturers to avoid any possible interference with the OS? I know, it’s free so I cannot complain, but… it’s a pity.

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