Sender Spike Releases FREE Modul 8 Chorus VST Plugin


Sender Spike has released Modul 8, a freeware chorus and flanger effect in VST plugin format for DAW software on Windows.

Modul 8 is a bi-mode chorus and flanger with two independent LFOs that are used as the modulation source. Both LFO modules have freely adjustable speed and width parameters. By combining the two modulation sources, it is possible to achieve a wide variety of rhythmic variations in the modulation pattern. Such architecture is reminiscent of several Japanese guitar pedals that used dual modulation sources to achieve a similar effect.

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The plugin also features the adjustable feedback amount knob that controls the amount of flanging in the modulated signal. The user can further shape the tone of the modulated signal using the filter and drive controls. Modul 8 provides separate dry and wet signal volume controls, as well as a mute switch for the two LFO modules.

Overall, Modul 8 is a fun little modulation tool that is worth downloading even if you already own a decent chorus effect. Sender Spike’s latest plugin does things a bit differently and can provide a unique style of modulation. It’s a cool sound design utility that will work well in tandem with the Echobox D7 delay effect, another recent freeware release from Sender Spike.

Modul 8 is available for free download via Sender Spike. The plugin can be downloaded directly from the product page. No signup required. Both 32-bit and 64-bit host applications are supported (Windows only).

More info: Modul 8 (4.6 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST plugin format for Windows)

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  1. Nice retro GUI. Sender Spike makes some great free plugins, so this is a no-brainer download! Check it out, folks! And download Sender Spike’s other free VSTs!

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