ERA 4 Voice Leveler Is FREE With Any Purchase!


Plugin Boutique is including a free copy of the ERA 4 Voice Leveler effect by Accusonus with any purchase until May 31st, 2020.

ERA 4 Voice Leveler is a single-knob tool for auto-correcting the level of vocal recordings. You can use it to achieve a voice leveling result that is more transparent than compression and similar to manual volume automation. However, everything is done automatically with a single control knob. Increase the processing amount to normalize the volume of the processed vocal.

The plugin features multiple processing modes, depending on the intensity of voice leveling that should be applied. Choose the “Tight” processing mode for a more intensive radio-like sound. The “Normal” processing mode is the better option for a more natural sound. The “Emphasis” processing mode ensures a more consistent tone and increases the intelligibility of dialogues and spoken word.

ERA 4 Voice Leveler can automatically adjust the volume of vocal recordings, dialogue recordings, podcasts, and more. It can be used as a real-time effect or as a channel insert in a digital audio workstation. In a mixing project, it can be used in tandem with a compressor to bring out the finer details in a vocal recording. It can also prevent the compressor from working too hard, thus avoiding the “pumping” artifacts that appear with overcompression.

For spoken word applications like podcasts and radio broadcasts, ERA 4 Voice Leveler can be used as an insert before the compressor and the limiter. It can smooth out the audio before further dynamic range reduction is applied.

Get Your Free Copy

To claim your free copy of the ERA 4 Voice Leveler plugin, simply complete any purchase at Plugin Boutique. In the shopping cart, make sure to check the ‘Yes, I want to receive this free gift!’ option and click ‘Proceed’.

The software is available in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats for compatible digital audio workstations on PC and Mac. Both 32-bit and 64-bit host applications are supported. The free download offer ends on 31st, 2020.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Era 4 Voice Leveler is available for FREE download from Accusonus as part of the Video Creator Bundle. You will also get Era 4 De-esser and several other goodies. This offer expires on May 16th! So that’s a better deal if you’re reading this while the Video Creator bundle is still available.

More info: ERA 4 Voice Leveler (free with any purchase @ Plugin Boutique)

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