Waves MaxxVolume Volume Leveler Is FREE Until August 31st!


Waves Audio is offering its dynamics processing plugin MaxxVolume for free until August 31st.

We’re in mid-August already. Although most of us are still stuck at home, far away from oceans and beaches, we can at least hear some musical waves, courtesy of Waves Audio.

Look what the sea brought in!

MaxxVolume is a volume leveler plugin developed by Waves, and it’s completely free until August 31st. Add it to your Waves user account now and keep it forever. The software is available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstations on PC and Mac.

Waves have been offering some of their stuff for free for a while now. It started as Black Friday freebie deals, but we’re getting more and more Waves plugins for free nowadays.

It’s a great way for music producers to try the Waves software and decide if it’s a good fit for their workflow. Also, it’s an excellent way for Waves to get some new customers. If you like the free stuff, why not purchase the rest during a sale or a special deal?

After all, the 40% OFF sale in the Waves online store is going on for months now (use the coupon code MAGIC40 at checkout to get the discount). Customers receive free plugins as add-ons with every purchase over $50, and you can even get two plugins for free if you spend $90 or more.

Anyway, the latest poison from Waves is MaxxVolume, a dynamics processing tool built on technology from some of the company’s other plugins. Here’s the team at Waves have to say about it:

The very first plugin of its kind, MaxxVolume performs all essential dynamics processes in one convenient tool. Combining technologies from Waves’ acclaimed L2 Ultramaximizer™, C1 Parametric Compander, Renaissance Vox, and Renaissance Compressor, MaxxVolume is ideal for mixing and mastering as well as broadcast and post-production, perfect for voiceovers, vocals, and instrumental tracks.

Sounds good! So, how does it work?

The middle part with the big orange bar is the leveler, which sets the overall dynamics. The compressor consists of two parts – the low level and the high level sections. These function much like a regular compressor – the low level comp brings up the quieter bits, while the high level one is responsible for reigning in loudness.

The plugin also features an auto makeup gain feature and has a fixed ratio, although I was not able to track down what exactly it is. The System Bar allows for Undo, Redo, and A/B functionality, as is standard for all Waves plugins.

MaxxVolume seems like it would be a good entry-level compressor, and hey, it’s free. Separating a standard compressor into distinct levels could be e useful learning tool for a beginner, though I’m afraid it might come off as a bit obtuse.

Regardless, it’s a free Waves plugin, and owning a bunch of these gives a bit of street cred to every budding producer, so – download away!

Free download: MaxxVolume ($179 value, free download until August 31st)

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  2. Tip: Waves Berzerk distortion is now also free for a period (again), via Reverb: reverb . com/software/effects/waves/3773-waves-berzerk-distortion

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