IK Multimedia T-RackS 5 EQual Is FREE For BPB Readers (EXPIRED)


We are thrilled to offer the T-RackS 5 EQual (€79.99) parametric equalizer by IK Multimedia as an exclusive free download for BPB readers until November 20th (2:30 pm CET).

UPDATE: The deal has expired. All readers who signed up will receive their T-RackS 5 EQual license key on November 21st. Thanks for participating. If you missed the deal, subscribe to our mailing list to be informed about future offers.

It’s been a crazy year. We want to make it better with an early Black Friday gift for everyone in the Bedroom Producers Blog community.

As a THANK YOU to all BPB readers (you are the best! ), we launched this exclusive freebie deal in collaboration with our friends at IK Multimedia.

Scroll down to learn more about T-RackS 5 EQual and to download your free license.

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Ok, let’s take a closer look at T-RackS 5 EQual by IK Multimedia!

T-RackS 5 EQual – Overview

EQual is a hybrid 10-band parametric equalizer for mixing and mastering. It is a part of IK Multimedia’s popular T-RackS 5 product lineup.

The equalizer sounds extremely clean and transparent by default. However, each band features optional analog characteristics and unique curves modeled after vintage EQ hardware.

T-RackS 5 EQual by IK Multimedia

T-RackS 5 EQual features a clean modern-looking parametric EQ interface.

EQual offers ultra-precise digital equalization, along with a wide range of filter shapes and EQ curves based on classic British and American analog equalizers.

The plugin features a built-in spectrum analyzer that displays real-time frequency characteristics in the background. The user can freely customize the EQ by clicking the display and dragging the control points to the desired value.

Also, each frequency band can be set to any of the nine parametric EQ modes (Standard, UK Modern 1, UK Modern 2, UK Classic, USA Classic 1, USA Classic 2, T-RackS Classic, Mastering SS, Mastering Tube, and Classic Passive) or eight filter shapes (high-shelf, low-shelf, high-pass, low-pass, band-pass, notch-pass, band-limit, and tilt).

Multiple filter shapes and EQ modes are available for each band.

Multiple filter shapes and EQ modes are available for each band.

EQual can operate in L/R and M/S modes. The user can save custom presets or access a range of included presets for mixing and mastering. Unlimited undo-redo functionality is also included, along with A/B/C/D comparison.

Finally, EQual features a freely resizable user interface that fits any screen resolution. Click and drag the bottom-right corner to resize the interface.

T-RackS 5 EQual is available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for 64-bit plugin hosts on PC and Mac. The software also works in standalone mode.

IK Multimedia’s Happy Holideals 2020 Sale

IK Multimedia recently launched the Happy Holideals 2020 sale. Save up to 50% OFF on select products until January 4th, 2021.

Also worth noting is the recently announced AmpliTube 5 CS software. IK Multimedia’s flagship guitar amplification suite is set for release later this year, including paid and free versions.

T-RackS 5 EQual – Free Download

To sign up for your free T-RackS 5 EQual license, click the teal “Get it now” button below and complete the checkout process.


UPDATE: The deal has expired. The license keys will be delivered on November 21st, 2020.

We will deliver your license key to the registered email address (be sure to use the correct email address during checkout). Subscribing to the Bedroom Producers Blog mailing list is optional (but thanks if you do it!).

After signing up, you will receive a PDF file with detailed installation instructions (please note that you won’t be able to activate T-RackS 5 EQual before we dispatch the licenses).

Here’s a quick overview of the installation process.

Once you receive the license key, download the IK Product Manager (97.4 MB download size) application and use it to register your T-RackS 5 EQual license. Then, install the T-RackS 5 Custom Shop (1.7 GB download size) software to use T-RackS 5 EQual in your digital audio workstation. Please note that this will install all T-RackS 5 plugins on your computer (the license key will only activate EQual).

We will close the signup form on November 20th. The license keys will be delivered on November 21st, 2020.

Thanks for reading BPB!

More info: T-RackS 5 EQual (FREE @ Bedroom Producers Blog until November 20th!)

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Tomislav is a content creator and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief here at Bedroom Producers Blog.


    • It worked fine for me now! When you click the “get it now” in the text field above it says out of stock but if you reload the page and go straight down to the bottom of the page and click the blue “Get It Now” button it should work!

  1. question. i just downloaded from the link you provided and went through the process of registering…it was over 3gb of stuff to download..when i opened up the plugin there was a massive list of plugins that are un-registered…this is very annoying if in order to get the free EQ i have to keep all these unregistered IK Multimedia plugins on my computer…is this the case? or did i do something wrong.


      • ahh i see. okay thanks for the info. is it possible to uninstall them and keep the ones i have registered? or is that not possible. thanks for all you do by the way. it has been so helpful

        • Facundo Brizuela


          go to vst2 o vst3 folder and delete all TR5 plugins exept TR5 EQual,
          also i suggest try TR5 Classic EQ (which is also free with tracks 5)

    • I think you can delete the ones you dont want from your VST folder. I seem to recall them generally being quite good though, so might be worth trying anything that catches your fancy before deleting.

        • Bro. Just take the leap, save yourself the unneccessary headaches, worries etc of hard drive space,>>>>and make a small investment of $35/75 to get you and EXTERNAL HHD, and or even better, tho a tad bit more expensive an SSD which is quieter, and more imporantly 10 X’z FASTER than HHD in transfering code informations.

          What your going to have to do is instead of ALWAYS buying/spending your $$$ on getting what you (unneccessarily) WANT all the time, i.e (exciting new VST software,Inst, Utility plugins, or midi keyboards etc) and make the much NEEDED invest of those short term dollars spent in getting you some PC DOWNLOAD SPACE for all your applications bro, so whenever you DO have the oppurtunity to buy, or in this case get a FREE plugin youll have no worries as to the “Space” on your hard drive smh.

          I have only 500GB Ram on my main HDD. But i purchased an external HDD (you can also opt to buy a direct install to motherboard/onboard HDD/or SSD) so i can [move} all my instruments/sounds/sample libraries off my main HDD to save processing power, save on CPU, and just an overall more better, fluid operation of my music production setup/rig etc

          I bought a 2TERABYTE external HDD for online from (newegg/or ebay) 65/$70, and this was just months ago no sales or deals, just regular pricing. So i know with “BLACK FRIDAY” on the verge you should be able to get one at an even better, cost effective price/deal.

          So “bite that bullet”, PASS on the new GLOSSY, FANCY PLUGIN PURCHASE (or midi device) just a few times and invest on how well your MUSIC SET UP/RIG’s cohesion/WORK FLOW is being utilized.

          >> Trust me bro. I the long run you WILL thank me/ yourself and be grateful. WHat use is it in having a BUNCH of great free & paid for plugins >>IF THEY RUN LIKE CRAP, AND OR WON’T WORK as described bkz you have no CPU, HDD space, processing flexibilty, as you know these VST plugins are VERY demanding collective once you start applying them for music productions/ tasking purposes !!

          Now i have over 2 TB’s which is more than plenty, and i own a plethora of VST Music softwares, and plugins.

          >> If you can afford it, even better would be to get an 4,8 TB HDD, or SSD real spill bro bkz it will NEVER be a waste of money facts on God! You can NOT lose INVESTING in ample on/off board HD space, and or UPGRADING your CPU/RAM if your PC is upgrade enabled/possible

          And i get it. WE ALL ARE BROKE BRO! It’s nothing personal to you ahah!! But we do what we MUST to have what we need be that by way of want, need, neccessity and so on.

          Point is is that we all CRY broke, yet we are STILL spending $$$$$ regardless on the things we want and need.

          It’s called “PRIORITIES” brother! Sometimes you have to SAVE a coin up slowly, or make a purchase we are not completely confortable with financially to make it all work to our greater good.

          What do you want, to live in a warm, small HOUSE, with food, and electricity, or do you want a fancy car, Ferrari but you’ll have to SLEEP in your fancy car?? Get what i’m trying to say about HOW your investing your music producer dollars?

          ^^^^THIS is a very IMPORTANT, understated, under valued, and undiscussed aspect with typically (new) to music production upstarts, novices. You will LEARN to stop hurting yourself by way of “Fruitless” expendetures. HOW you spend your money is even more important than what you are actually buying facts on God.

          Take care of the ESSENTIAL PRODUCER NEEDS FIRSTLY bro, then worry about what NEW, fancy , shiny, pretty plugins you can get ur hands on, bkz you can MANIPULATE the plugin resources needs, as you see, we get a TON of FREE softwares, so you’ll eventually get ur hands on it one way or another feel me?

          But what you can NOT manipulate is your CPU, RAM, HDD software SPACE, and saving needs!<>>YOU MUST RESPECT YOU PC RIG 1STLY bro bkz it all begins right there as for how enjoyable your production sessions are, & useful your tools are in getting things DONE in a timely matter with the least ammount of set backs, issue’s, problems. The BETTER THE PARTS the better the performance period.

          So STOP buying what would be the equivalent to “seat covers, fancy rims, stereo” etc to dress up a BUCKET, clunker vehicle when you know you should be when you know damn well you should be using that $$$$$/saving overall for a new car in general. It’s not what ur doing, it’s how ur doing it facts. I assure you i am broker than you are lmao, not poorer broker ahah.

          Hopefully you work? Have a bank account, credit cards etc come on now bro, we’re ALL, for the most part, GROWN WORKING MEN here. Even with the COVID19 shutting us out of getting to our typically expected money,paychecks etc with the layoffs bkz of businesses closing and so forth.

          You as a Man, or young Man should have a financial SYSTEM that you’ve created thru trial and error that should allow you to buy a toy or two here and there.

          It’s all about “Money management” skills bro. Again, priorities vs necessity’s. You have to do the same thing but on a smaller scale with this software plugin rif raf seriously.

          I always advise young, or older novice music producers to get what you NEED to make your set up worthy, run to peek performance before i advise them to by plugins. The dif is that older upstar music producers GET IT, whilst the younger ones keep ooking for impossible ways to be CHREAP, and not PAY for what is going to best suit, and bebefit them as a music producer lol

          Software is damn near FREE now bro, there is PLENTY ACCESS to get your hearts desired plugins unlike in the past where you either paid FULL price or you just couldn’t have/access it facts. That’s why they have/did the subscription plans and so forth so that they can ensure you as a desiring music producing product consumer will be ABLE to afford whatever softwares desired with a little strategic saving, planning, or paying incemental (small) payments over time vs holding you to spending 100,2,3,4,5,$600 dollars all at once!

          They saw music production software consumers DID want to pay for the products they were selling,>>> yet & still they weren’t selling many units. So thru marketing, advertising Genuis created by way of opposing, ferocious competition of rival software developers, they had to figure out a way to GET US to spend bkz they saw it wasn’t the initial prices that was at the core of there lack of profits, but being more flexibly creative in how they sequester those dollars!

          They also seen that>>A CONTRACT is a better commitment, more loyalty inclined. So it was a WIN, win for us as consumers being able to finally have a way to PAY for expensive software we wanted, but couldn’t dump a fortune on all at once. And for them software developers they saw HUGE INCREASES in sales. I’m sure they felt like (idiot’s) as for pertaining to how they were trying to FORCE us to spend a car/house note on a (digital download), essentially something we could not touch or feel so it doesn’t really, truly even exist lol. Humans like to HOLD, touch what they’ve spent their hard earn on, and that was stopping the profits.

          So yeh bro, get them DEVICES, & that RIG right, the softaware ain’t going nowhere, and is only getting better by the day feel me. You can find a way around that more conducively. But nothing beat’s a nicely executed production rig set up. You can have trash plugins but if ur system is TIGHT you can get the very best out of what they can offer simply put. But a million of TOP best plugins with no HD space to save them to is NOT what’s up, is not what it’s about!

          • Dude wtf are you even talking about? He never said anything about not having enough space or being broke. He’s saying he doesn’t want unnecessary trial plugins for no reason and neither do I. Do you realize how long your response was and how many false assumptions you probably made? You read way too far into it. By the way, speak for yourself because a very large amount of us including me have lost our jobs due to the pandemic. Not all of us desire to physically work for a living either.

  2. Thanks for this great gift Tomislav & BPB 💙
    This is really very good of you & IK Multimedia.
    I will check it out soon, it looks very good & a unique EQ. A great write up too Tomislav 👍
    It’s Linear phase too, so perfect for mastering
    Thanks so much

  3. Wow! I have a ton of IK products. I actually have been wanting this, but never pulled the plug…and now it’s free! So awesome! Thanks you so much!

  4. This applet completely crashes my browser windows as soon as I press continue. All of them. Not a single tab, not a single window with multiple tabs, but all opened windows.

  5. After messing with it for a while, i find this to be a pretty interesting and useful EQ. “Mastering Tube” mode is awesome and the ability to set any given band to be pultec-style is super nifty.
    Also dig the “to/from” implementation for some of the modes.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Indeed, super versatile. I loved how it transforms from purely digital to analog-inspired or any combination of the two.

  6. Thank you BPB for this wonderful gift, but it seems like there is no “Get it now” button now.
    Does anyone else have the same problem, or is it just me?

  7. Im having issues when I click the button «Get it now», it doesn’t show nothing more that a loading image animation. What can I do?

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hi Jordan, please try a different browser. Tested in multiple browsers on different Windows and macOS, and the button definitely works.

    • I didn’t received anything.?
      When I try to subscribe, they send me the link in email but when I click on that link to activate it, they say “We were not able to complete your request because of an error”.
      What do I need to do?

    • You need to download IK Product Manager for PC/MAC, install it, log in into your account and then go to register product and paste the serial.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hey Praneet, here are the instructions:

      1) Download and install the IK Product Manager (94.7 MB) application.
      2) Launch the IK Product Manager and log into your IK User Account (or register a new one).
      3) Click the Manage My Products button and select Register Product. Paste your T-RackS 5 EQual serial number and click Register. T-RackS EQual will appear in your list of T-RakS 5 products.
      4) Select the Software section and install T-RackS Custom Shop (1.7 GB).

      That’s it!

      • The IK Product Manager installer is not digitally signed for Windows. :-( No way to know if it was compromised or modified somehow in transit to me. Will not install.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      As far as I know, it’s all about the filter shapes (but you should take a look at the user manual to be sure).

      • I just tested it on plugindoctor (also SPAN) and can confirm there is no saturation or coloring of any kind.

        What looks special is that linear phase mode, though… pretty rare I think. Nice for parallel EQing! Thanks for your work as always Tomislav!

  8. Thank you kind SIr’s at BPB! Tho i have various similar, same styles of parametric EQ’s, iv’e been wanting to ad this one this one (as well as Wava 10 band EQ) to my steadily increasing T-RACKS plugin family list, as i own about 4, or 5 of their software plugins currently.

    But as the saying goes, as a producer “you can never have to many, & or enough EQ’s” ahaha facts! I own 10-20 (maybe more i lose count) of different, various EQ’s, many are, as for service-ability are duplicate performers. But i’m always looking to improve (speed up) my work flow as a veteran producer, and overall student of music production, mixing, mastering technique’s etc.

    SO this EQ is a solid add to my illustrious EQ collection lmao smh. It’s like we’re lil boys again collecting BASEBALL CARDS, and MARBLES if you will. I think thats WHY we keep buying, or downloading plugins we already sufficiently have that get the job done, and are very useful, effective in doing so, but it’s ALWAYS something to be improved, or made better. So i think thats what play’s into us spending $$ on what we already have lol, or DLing a free offer ahah.

    I already own “Classic EQ, T-Racks Clipper, T-Racks The One mastering suit, and the 76 limiting amplifier/ FET Compressor, & now T-Racks 5 EQUAL” thankfully ahah lol.

    Iv’e been wanting the whole T-Racks collection for about a year now. They keep this up and i won’t have to a dime for it thank God lmao smh ahah!!

    I mean that’s what 6 plugins, all i got cleverly, strategicall>>>for free. I will ultimately buy the suitable suit for my production needs. On averga, as a standard music producr you DON’T need to buy the BIG siftware Bundle bkz that’s simply “over kill”, and you will most mlikely NOT even be using 80% of the plugins.

    Not to mention, you can use your claimed, freely gained plugin licenses to help LOWER the initial asking price of the bigger, more desirable “Bundle’s” by way of “Upgrading” to the next level up corresponding software family products.

    So to me, these FREE PLUGIN download offers can do nothing but benefit you as a conservative, consciencious paying consumer, allowing you to more affordably access the expensive Bundle, additional mxing, mastering tools etc. It’s always smart to make sure you’re ingratiated to one’s favored, preferred software plugin developer’s company “Eco-system” so you can get those super deALS, OTHERWISE YOU’LL BE WASTEFULLY PAYING FULL LISTED PRICE FOR NO REASON ASIDE OF IGNORANCE, LAZINESS ETC AHAHA! So i take ALL qualatative freebies just incase they have something i want.

    But thanks guys/BPB? Much appreciated offering per usual. So grateful for you guys/the team/staff over at BPB! Happy Black Friday!

  9. Hi I signed up three times as i kept getting a server error and wasnt sure if it had gone through. I have received three emails now, so apologise fo that – I am not trying to stooge three software licenses!

  10. ey! thank you for this

    Sonuscore is offering a new Felt piano called Lo-Ki free for a limited time you might want to check it out

    • Agreed but at least you can just delete the plugs you don’t want from your vst folder easy enough. Seriously sucks for those with dodgy/limited internet access though.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hey Jordan, I just checked again and the Get it now button works. Please try a different browser. Let me know if you still can’t make it work.

  11. Sorry I accidentally signed up twice but with the same email [ the first attempt the reply went to spam] .
    I hope you realize I genuinely just wanted to apply for the one license.
    Kind regards

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      A few more readers reporting this, I guess the app doesn’t work with some browsers. Try a different browser and let me know if it still doesn’t work. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  12. saludos equipo- pensaba que tenia hasta hoy 20-11 para poder hacer el pedido del ecualizador de ik multimedia y mi sorpresa es que ha expirado. estoy apenado porque me encanta su plugin. quizas sea que vivo en españa y el horario sea distinto. hay manera de conseguir el plugin todavia? siento las molestias un saludo y gractas por su atencion.

  13. Thanks very much again Tomislav, BPB & IK Multimedia.
    Im happy to say that after receiving the license serial number in your email, the download & installation all went very smoothly 😊
    There were a few other products to download as well, so thank you very much for those also, i look forward to trying them.
    The T-RackS 5 EQual is an excellent plug-in though, i really like it from what i have seen of it so far.
    This kind gift from BPB is really appreciated, i’m very grateful 💙
    Thank you so much.

  14. Filippenok Danil


    I love your site, you are simply the best! This equalizer is something very soft and pleasant sounding on the master channel and for drum parts :)

  15. Hey, BPB and IK Multimedia! First — thank you for this awesome deal! Second — I signed up couple of days ago for it but didn’t get a license. Does it mean that I missed something while signing up? Or not all of those have been sent yet?

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      I just resent your order email, please let me know if it arrived. Sorry for the inconvenience. Everyone else, let me know if you didn’t receive the license key after signing up and I’ll look into it.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      I found your order – you mistyped the email when signing up but I fixed it and resent your license info. Cheers!

  16. How come when i try to open the TR5 EQUAL plugin my DAW CRASHES? I have 4,5 other TR5 plugins that have NEVER crashed upon trying to open them after loading. That’s happened TWICE since i downloaded, and registered it hmmm, unusually, & strangely Odd bkz i have a plethora of IK multimedia intruments VST softwares again, no problems loading and opening. I have the “CUSTOM SHOP” APP DL’d so so IDK why it’s doing that. WHen i load it, it wil just show an empty, blanked>> “WHITE BOX” , but you can’t see the GUI art/plugin dictorial features, and then the plugin just crashed, i’e abruptly CLOSES whatever track that i’m working on, causing me to have rescan, reopen my DAW all over again a new smh. I really wanted to TEST and check this EQ out to see if it suits me need for this particular type EQ, i.e Parametric. Maybe it installed its DATA info or something in the wrong pathway bkz i have an extrenal HDD i keep my plugins, sample libraries etc in to free up my main PC’s CPU processing power. IDK, i’ll figure it out, but iv’e had no other problems using IK’s plugins which i MOVED from my PC HDD, to my extrenal HDD. They are already, all IK’s plugins are installed by way of their CS APP. SO in effect, i already had it on my HDDD, i just need to register it in the with IK MM’s home website, & APP MANAGER which i did. But it’s not working correctly .

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