SampleScience Releases FREE 606 Koncept Drum Machine Plugin


SampleScience released 606 Koncept, a freeware sample-based TR-606 drum machine in VST plugin format for Windows.

606 Koncept is a freeware sample-based emulation of the TR-606 drum machine by Roland. Unlike its hardware counterpart, the 606 Koncept plugin by SampleScience doesn’t come with a built-in step sequencer. It does, however, feature the original 606 drum sounds.

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The plugin includes seven drum channels (bass drum, snare, low tom, high tom, open hi-hat, closed hi-hat, cymbal) and three FX layer channels (vinyl, tape, sub). The drum channels feature volume, pan, and decay control knobs. The user can also set the pitch from -2 to +2 semitones. The FX channels have adjustable volume, pan, decay, and release.

More control parameters are available in the plugin’s top panel. This is where you’ll find the multi-mode LFO, filter cutoff (high-pass and low-pass), output volume, glide, and reverb controls. The user can also fine-tune the velocity curve and set the polyphony mode (polyphonic, monophonic, or legato).

As is always the case with SampleScience instruments, 606 Koncept works great as a tool for working on new musical ideas. Fire it up in your DAW and start playing – no further adjustments are required.

That said, the included vinyl and tape layers make the plugin more versatile. Stick with the clean 606 drum sound or add some analog dirt for that vintage vibe.

Speaking of SampleScience instruments, don’t forget to check out their recently updated Room Piano. And if you like that piano,  another one worth trying is the Upright Piano by 99Sounds.

606 Koncept is available for free download via SampleScience. Enter zero as the price to download it for free, or enter any other amount to support SampleScience with a donation.

More info: 606 Koncept (5.4 MB download size, ZIP archive, 64-bit VST plugin format for Windows)

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