SampleScience Releases FREE “Four EP” Electric Piano Plugin


SampleScience releases Four EP, a freeware electric piano virtual instrument in VST plugin format for 64-bit digital audio workstations on Windows.

Four EP is a sample-based virtual electric piano powered by the Maize Sampler platform. It delivers the classic FM piano sounds in the form of a compact virtual plugin that is both lightweight and easy to use.

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The instrument features four different electric piano presets, created from scratch using FM and additive synthesis. In other words, SampleScience designed four electric piano patches using a synthesizer and then re-sampled those sounds to create the Four EP virtual instrument.

The included electric piano patches sound very good. The default patch reminds me of the legendary Wurlitzer e-piano. You will also find some classic 80s and early 90s electric piano sounds.

As for the available controls, the user can adjust the volume ADSR envelope, modulation depth, modulation rate, and the master volume. SampleScience also included a low-pass filter module and a hall reverb effect.

Here’s how SampleScience describes the Four EP virtual instrument:

“Four EP is a collection of 4 electric piano sounds created using additive and FM synthesis. The sounds have been sampled at multiple velocities and embedded in a VST plugin instrument. The plugin is as simple as possible and comes with simple parameters to shape your sound. The tones the plugin produces sounds like a digital piano.”

SampleScience has released quite a few freeware virtual instruments lately. Be sure to check out the Room Piano v3 plugin, too. It’s a compact acoustic piano plugin, perfect for quick jams and sketching out new musical ideas.

Four EP is available for free download via SampleScience. The instrument is compatible with 64-bit VST plugin hosts on Windows. Download the plugin for free, or enter any other price to support SampleScience’s plugin development work.

More info: Four EP (90.5 MB download size, 230 MB size on disk, 64-bit VST plugin format for Windows)

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