Arturia Releases Pigments 3 (€99 Intro Price & Free Update)


Arturia releases Pigments 3 as a free update for all existing Pigments owners. The synth is available at an introductory price of €99 for new customers, bundled with the Spectrum Sound Pack.

With four sound engines, eighteen FX modules, 10 filter types, an abundance of modulation options, Pigments 3 is one of the most complex virtual synthesizers on the market. It is a sound designer’s dream, but also accessible to beginner synthesists and music producers thanks to the 1,200 built-in presets.

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So, what’s new in Pigments 3?

The latest edition Pigments introduces improvements and new features across the board. It comes with a new Harmonic oscillator, 64 brand new wavetables, adds one more Utility engine, four new FX modules, an additional filter type based on the Jup-8 V filter, 200 new presets, and more. The FX section now also sports the BL-20 Flanger, a multi-band compressor, and the Chorus JUN-6 module.

Whereas the new Harmonic engine (additive synthesis with up to 512 partials) expands the instrument’s already flexible timbral range, one of the coolest new features is hidden in the FX section. Delays often play nice with synthesizers and the new Pitch Shift Delay is the perfect addition to Pigments’ feature set.

As before, you can combine up to two sound engines, mixing and matching the available oscillators and synthesis modes to create complex timbres. Shape the raw oscillator sounds in the FX section, add modulation, color the sound with filters, and use the built-in sequencer to create animated loops and mesmerizing soundscapes.

Pigments 3 introduces the boundless power of additive synthesis, an impressive utility engine with sub-oscillator and dual noise sample players, the iconic filter from Jup-8 V, 4 incredible new FX including a multiband compressor, and so much more.

Combined with unparalleled DSP performance, a revamped audio routing system, and its signature vibrant visual workflow, Pigments 3 sets the new softsynth standard; a producer’s playground, a composer’s workhorse, and a sound designer’s dream.

If you’ve purchased an older edition of Pigments, hurry up and update your plugin to the latest version. The update process is completely free and you can take advantage of the new features right away.

On the other hand, if Pigments is on your wishlist, now is the perfect time to purchase Arturia’s flagship virtual instrument. It is more feature-packed than ever before and the €99 intro price is quite tempting. The price is further reduced to €69 if you already own any Arturia plugin.

More info: Arturia Pigments 3 (€99 intro price until May 13th, €199 regular price)

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  1. I guess because I had downloaded the Pigments 2 trial and let it expire last year Pigments 3 showed up in my Arturia account for a $69 crossgrade. Worth it to me.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Could be! I think that the crossgrade price is available to all existing Arturia customers (but I’m not 100% sure).

  2. Rutger Steenbergen


    Pigments is a superb sounding VST, and it’s really easy to program. I use it in all my tracks. Great update! 👍

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