FKFX Influx Is A FREE Resonator Distortion Plugin (KVRDC 2021)


FKFX offers Influx, a freeware resonator distortion plugin for macOS and Windows.

What I’ve seen from FKFX so far makes me think they are developers who like to challenge themselves. It seems like they aspire to create plugins that are different, not just good plugins.

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We recently mentioned FKFX Influx in our KVR Developer Challenge article and thought it was worth its own post. We also covered Obvious Filter from FKFX recently, which is worth checking out if you haven’t already.

Influx is a “Sonic Retox” engine, and what it does is generates a rhythm/groove from your input signal. The heart of the plugin is the resonator module, which goes through a low pass filter and tube distortion unit.

The sequenced resonator module has two dedicated editors: Flux Resonator and Dry/Wet. Between the two editors, you can create complex note sequences and modulation curves. The editors make Influx an extremely flexible plugin with plenty of advanced controls per step.

Influx allows you to be very precise with pitch, too. The root note of the Flux Resonator is set using the Flux Center Note knob; Scale Snap locks the sequence to a particular scale ranging from common to altered and unusual (38 in total), and Flux Stereo adds stereo pitch shift.

The Flux Chaos control re-fuels the resonator in real-time with the audio input, producing more aggressive results.

Next, we come to the LFO with polyrhythmic rates that make things far more interesting. The LFO can control the low pass filter, and a low cut filter is available to remove any unwanted low rumble.

The final stop is the tube distortion unit with sixteen selectable waveshapers and post-distortion gain control.

One of the functions I really like about Influx is that you can set the output to wet only. Depending on your input signal, you won’t always want to do this, but sometimes stripping away the input completely, leaving just the generated response, is quite brilliant.

Influx comes with 82 factory presets, with an additional 128 presets available for free, courtesy of Heat Audio. There’s a fair amount of variety throughout the presets, some reasonably tame and some much wilder.

Influx isn’t a typical plugin by any standards, and it’s not easy to put a label on it. It feels like a couple of plugins morphed into one, but not overwhelmingly so.

At a time when we are seeing so many excellent free plugins, FKFX Influx is right up there.

Available in AU and VST3 formats for macOS and Windows. If you like what FKFX does, show them some support on Patreon if possible.

Download: FKFX Influx (64-bit VST2/VST3/AU plugin format for Windows & macOS)

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  1. That thing is pure beauty. A slow 808 pattern, some ambientish Dexed lines, apply with subtlety some layers of Influx here and there to add texture and complexity. Wow. Also, no [kids are watching] email registration this time… *grin*
    But seriously, wow. Wuv it.

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