NUGEN Audio Offers Aligner Plugin + $100 Voucher For FREE With Annual Survey


NUGEN Audio is running their annual survey for 2022, where they are offering a new survey-exclusive plugin called Aligner and a $100 gift voucher for completing the survey.

Simply head to NUGEN Audio’s website, fill out the survey (you only need a name and an email address), and you’ll receive the FREE gifts! The survey ends on February 17th, 2022.

If you don’t already have an account with NUGEN, submitting the survey will automatically create one, and you’ll be able to access the Aligner plugin. The $100 gift voucher (valid till March 1st, 2022) will be applied when you purchase any item with a value greater than $100.

Aligner is a new plugin capable of automatically adjusting the phase and polarity of recorded audio to prevent phase cancellation. It’s designed to solve phase issues that occur when recording with multiple mics.

NUGEN Audio’s new Aligner plugin automatically detects the inconsistencies in the recording and makes necessary adjustments. The UI is straightforward, and the controls are easy to use as the function is primarily automatic. You can select the group of input signals that you want to edit. The names of the affected tracks are displayed at the bottom for easy reference.

I found that using the plugin is really easy. A few clicks and you can automatically align the tracks and you’ll notice an instant difference in the sound. The Samples parameter determines by how many samples the tracks have been adjusted for the desired effect. The polarity parameter shows if any of the tracks had their polarities switched by Aligner; you can also manually edit it.

There are two kinds of bypass controls, one for all tracks at once and the other for each individual channel. After Aligner makes automatic changes, you can change some of the settings and bypass particular tracks for the desired effect. Beyond phase correction, you could use it for other manipulative effects and get some interesting results too.

Here’s a quick demo of the plugin in action:

Aligner is available for both macOS and Windows in the VST3/AU/AAX formats, so it should work on pretty much any DAW. Overall, it is a powerful phase-alignment tool and it’s really easy to use.

The survey itself is straightforward, with simple questions and only took me about 3 minutes to complete. There are optional questions for existing NUGEN Audio customers, but it’s easy to skip those.

More info: NUGEN Audio (FREE with survey until February 17th, 2022)

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  1. The pricing of all their other plugins are on the higher side compared to the value it provides … I’ll skip this…

      • There are better free tools out there which does the same thing… Sample delay by Voxengo for instance… Airwindows has similar tool for phase shift…

        • voxengo sample delay is for delaying things manually, same thing like nudging your clips in the daw manually but as a plugin. this nugen plugin here is a different kind of tool, and as far as i know there is no free phase alignment tools available.

          the point about these phase alignment tools is that they find the point for you where the phase cancellations between two (or in this case even 4) signals and then delay or forward the clip by that value.

          for recordings with multiple mics for the same source this is really handy, because nudging clips by a couple of samples and listening where it sounds best is really timeconsuming.

          another point about the other plugins by nugen is for example for their monofilter and stereoizer: there are lots of free alternatives for these two, but nugen has a very good audioquality under the hood and good ui with the necessary buttons and knobs.
          maybe this is not a good reason for everybody to pay that price, but the plugins are definitely worth it for the people who need professional tools for post production. that is where they have their place.

  2. Thanks Anshul, BPB, Nugen Audio, this looks like a handy tool.

    Novo Notes has updated Ambience Enhancer Lite to v1.1

  3. for the same purpose like this plugin i use sound radix auto align, which is brilliant.
    i am curios to compare these two tools and see if their ai find the exact same delay-values for the same material.

  4. Tested it. Works well. I like the no-nonsense GUI. Doesn’t seem to be a limit to the number of linked instances.

    Definitely worth grabbing for the effort of a survey.

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