Strezov Sampling Offers FREE Diamond Jazz Trio For Kontakt Player


Strezov Sampling releases Diamond Jazz Trio, a free Kontakt library compatible with Kontakt Player.

The Diamond Jazz Trio is a free teaser of the upcoming Diamond Jazz Orchestra release. When released, the full version will contain over 70GB of compressed content, a full range of Jazz/Pop orchestra instruments, and retail for €479. The estimated release date is June 2022, and a special pre-order price of €319 is available until then.

Diamond Jazz Trio is a stripped-back version in which you get a trio of piano, alto saxophone, and double bass rather than the entire orchestra.

The freebie comes with two microphone positions (Room and Close) that you can solo, mute, or level adjust.

The included instruments seem to work well together, and outside of the orchestra setting, I’m sure the piano and double bass would be particularly useful.

It’s an upright piano with a classic Pop-Jazz sound. That sound can work well with common trio standards, Modal Jazz, or things like A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton.

If you played piano when Vanessa Carlton had her biggest hit (around 20 years ago), and you can say you were never asked to play it, you’re probably lying; it was everywhere. If you play it at your own discretion, maybe keep it to yourself as a guilty pleasure; I certainly don’t play it weekly while drifting into the nostalgia of my college years.

There are two alto saxophone patches. First is an experimental patch with a loopable sustain and a crescendo triggered upon key release. The second features four reverb types and nice legato transitions.

I think a lot of the orchestral libraries out there live or die by their transitions and articulations. It’s one thing to sound like a saxophone for one whole note, but it’s another to sound convincing over a complete melody.

Recently, I’ve been looking for a very convincing double bass sound to record some demos. I’ve heard some that are decent, but too many make me think I’m listening to the bass sound on a Casiotone keyboard. The upright bass here has been recorded with true legato intervals, so the transitions should sound authentic. I have to say, what I’ve heard so far has me feeling quietly optimistic about its potential.

Strezov Sampling has produced free versions of paid libraries before, like The Felt Seiler, a cinematic piano for Kontakt Player.

Diamond Jazz Trio is compatible with the free Kontakt Player (or paid) version 5.7.1 upwards.

Download: Diamond Jazz Trio (free library for Kontakt Player)


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  1. Thanks for the info :-)

    BlueZone corp has relaunched website, and added a free sample pack section:

  2. Tetrad (a quartet of Korg inspired sound libraries including Wavestation, MS-20, PolySix and Mini Korg 700) for many sample formats, is on sale this weekend at $10 (reg $50)

  3. Confusing download and install instructions. Two completely different sets of instructions. Unable to tell which one or both. Have contacted Strezov but no reply yet. Frustrating.

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