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Plugin Boutique offers numerous Softube plugins for sale this October, including a 67% OFF deal on the Parallels virtual synthesizer.

Softube has been in the music production business since the early 2000s. They’ve committed themselves to developing accurate software emulations of analog production gear.

Due to their commitment to quality, famous guitar amplifier manufacturer Marshall has chosen Softube as their proprietary software developer.

The company says, “it’s because of this dogged pursuit of purity that the most respected brands in pro audio trust us with official software versions of their most iconic products.”

This October, Plugin Boutique offers multiple Softube products at a significant discount. Producers can choose between various plugins ranging from amp models, EQs, and compressors.

At the forefront of this sale is the Amp Room: Marshall Edition.

Amp Room is Softube’s platform for amplifier emulations. The Marshall Edition features officially licensed recreations of the company’s legendary amplifiers.

Included in the pack are a few of the most notable Marshall amps, such as the Plexi Super Lead, Bluesbreaker, Silver Jubilee, and JMP 2203. This is a great combo for any guitarist looking to achieve classic guitar tones in a digital format.

Beyond these amp emulations, Plugin Boutique also offers Softube’s Weiss Complete Collection at a discount.

The Weiss Complete Collection is a mastering suite of plugins based on legendary Weiss hardware.

Within the Weiss collection, producers will find numerous tools such as EQ, compressors, limiters, and maximizers to put that final shimmer on their tracks. The collection even includes an emulation of the famous Weiss DS1-MK3 mastering processor.

Softube also makes a handful of high-quality plugins for adding vintage effects.

Their Tape plugin is modeled after a few different old-school tape machines. It instantly adds that retro warmth and analog depth sought after by many producers.

Often built into tube amplifiers, Softube also makes a Spring Reverb plugin. This reverb adds twang and depth to any instrument. It’s great for those looking to recreate that vintage rock and roll sound from the 60s and 70s!

Our personal favorite is the Dirty Tape saturation plugin which is currently on sale for $35.

To purchase these plugins and more, follow the link to the Plugin Boutique website and browse their selection of Softube products. This sale only lasts until the 31st of October.

Get the deal: Softube October Sale (deals end on October 31st, 2022)


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  1. No doubt Softube are excellent.. BUT their products are usually much more expensive than equally good competitors: and they still neglect to provide Standalone versions of their synths and Amp Sims,
    Which many more affordable rivals readily offer as standard issue.

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