Sonuscore Releases FREE Pipe Organ For Kontakt Player


Sonuscore releases Pipe Organ, a free Kontakt library that is fully compatible with Kontakt Player.

The holiday season is just about in full swing, and there has been no shortage of Black Friday deals and freebies for producers to enjoy. One such offer comes from Sonuscore.

Sonuscore has released Pipe Organ, a free Kontakt instrument that is compatible with the free Kontakt Player. Free Kontakt instruments aren’t uncommon, but free instruments compatible with Kontakt Player are far more elusive.

Sonuscore Pipe Organ is sampled from a famous organ from Ingelheim, Germany. It features three settings: principal, pedal, and toccata, which affect the mix and the timbre of the sound.

  • Principal is described as soft and gentle, with Sonuscore themselves calling it “angelic.” In practice, this checks out, and it pairs beautifully with your favorite hall or cathedral reverb.
  • Toccata is described as somewhere in the middle, with a good sense of dynamics but not quite as in-your-face as Pedal.
  • Pedal is a massive-sounding setting, and Sonuscore was right to describe it as bold.

The three settings themselves can be blended, and there are ten presets which implement these settings for a variety of sound combinations. Also included is a simple 3-band EQ. It is a good general tone shaper, but not much else to say.

Pipe Organ also includes saturation, delay, and reverb for its effects section. The reverb, in particular, shines in use, being complimentary no matter the material being played.

Sonuscore is also running its Black Friday sale, with Stage 3 of the planned specials due very soon. There are a variety of products on offer, with some hitting as high as 80% off their suggested retail value.

Pipe Organ is compatible with Kontakt and Kontakt Player, running on both Windows and Mac computers. It doesn’t state whether it needs to be the latest version of Kontakt, but version 7 of the Kontakt Player is available for free from Native Instruments.

Pipe Organ doesn’t have an expiration date for its availability, but it would be best to grab it now before the opportunity is gone.

Download: Sonuscore Pipe Organ


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    • Thanks for the report. Successfully installed but now i know not to bother to try it (till after my PC upgrade next year).

  1. Someone can make this thing work? because I can’t… I downloaded the library and my Kontakt says it’s not installed. I double-clicked the PipeOrgan.nicnt file to register it and still can’t use it. And yes, my Kontakt is up to date.

    • You need add serial via Native Access, then locate downloaded library (via Native Access too) on your HDD. It’s working without problems.

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