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Get an exclusive BPB discount on the new, limited edition T-Compressor M plugin by Techivation. Save 10% and get a FREE copy of the original T-Compressor.

T-Compressor M is a new plugin but not an entirely new concept; it’s a somewhat overhauled version of the original T-Compressor.

This new release will cost $78 and come with a FREE copy of the standard T-Compressor. But BPB readers can get an exclusive 10% discount on T-Compressor M – Limited Edition with the code BPB10M.

T-Compressor M will only be available until the end of 2022, and Techivation will sell up to 5,000 licenses.

If you already own T-Compressor, you can get a crossgrade deal for $29.

The original T-Compressor was well-received by users upon its release, so the idea behind this new version is to change the workflow, not the overall effect.

T-Compressor M delivers the same core features as the original, like serial compression, but provides a more professional workflow.

When I say more professional workflow, it’s not that previous releases aren’t for professional use; they are. It’s more about satisfying the needs of users who want more control, starting with fully adjustable Attack, Release, Ratio, and Knee settings.

The most exciting feature for many users will still be serial compression, which allows up to three compressor instances in the same plugin unit. You’ll be able to scroll through each instance and maintain complete control of all compression settings.

T-Compressor M has four compression modes, just like the original plugin: Clean, Crispy, Warm, and thick.

Other core features include Smart Auto-Gain, Side Chain High-Pass Filter, and Oversampling up to 4X.

The GUI is almost identical to the standard version, other than the adjustable compression settings. It has the same VU meter, a large central Threshold knob, and it’s still resizable.

T-Compressor M should appeal to anyone who liked the original version but wanted more control. If you have never tried the original version, it’s worth checking out T-Compressor M while it’s available.

We’ve recently covered a few free compression plugins, including PajSoil EiS from Pajczur and Hammer by Vidar Audio. Looking for something more vintage? Check ThrillseekerLA mkII by Variety of Sound and our free BPB Dirty LA limiting amplifier plugin.

T-Compressor M is available in 64-bit AU, VST, VST3, and AAX formats for macOS (10.12 upwards) and Windows (7 upwards).

More info: T-Compressor M (get 10% OFF with coupon code BPB10M)


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  1. Crazy Jake McGee


    “When I say more professional workflow, it’s not that previous releases aren’t for professional use; they are.”

    Good grief. The thing sounds more like a problem looking for a solution.

    Other than artificial scarcity, is there an actual reason it’s a “limited edition”?

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