Linda Audio Releases FREE Hyperdrive Saturation Plugin For Windows


Linda Audio has just released Hyperdrive, a versatile free saturation effect with advanced filtering and modulation features. This developer has brought us some great freebies in the past, including the Stargazer shimmer reverb, and the Instavibe saturation plugin.

The interface of Hyperdrive is very well-designed, with a professional look-feel, and its packed features will surprise you!

At its core, there are three distortion models: one diode and two tubes. You can adjust its drive and bias and engage additional gain boost for added character. The effect can go from subtle saturation to rich screaming distortion, especially with the Tube 2 mode engaged.

You’re in full control over the amount of distortion via independent Input, Drive, Mix, and Output gain knobs.

At the center of Hyperdrive, you can find three filters: HP, LP, and PEAK filter.

Each filter has its adjustable frequency and resonance (called Q), while the PEAK filter has also its gain knob to boost or tame selected frequencies.

At the bottom of each filter mode resides a handy switch to select whether the filter operates pre- or post-distortion. This is very useful to customize the desired effect to your needs.

Think of distortion as the added clay to your audio sculpture and the filtering as the chisel to sculpt it as you want.

If you add distortion to your audio signal, you’re adding more harmonics, which you can then sculpt via the use of filters. Vice versa, you can try to filter your signal first in selected frequencies, and then excite them with distortion for a different result.

Experimentation is key, and honestly, I can’t live without them working in tandem with my daily sound design routine.

Hyperdrive features some powerful modulation options, too. They can bring life to the effect by using an envelope follower and an LFO.

The first has adjustable Attack (ATCK), Release (RLS), and Sensitivity (SENS), and it’s found on the left side of the interface.

The LFO section resides on the right of it, and it can be synchronized with the host tempo or set its rate manually via the FREQ knob.

Note that this control can be modulated by the envelope follower.

The LFO offers four shapes: sine, square, saw, or reverse saw.

Both the envelope follower and the LFO can modulate filter frequencies, peak filter gain, and distortion drive.

Hyperdrive also provides undo, redo, A/B, and 20 presets to get you started.

It is also worth pointing out that, unfortunately for macOS users, Hyperdrive is available as a VST2/VST3 format for Windows only.

However, if you like it, please consider supporting the developer.

Download: Hyperdrive (FREE)


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  1. Another gem from Linda Audio.
    I used the Envelope Modulation to drive only the quieter parts of the vocals (leaving the louder transients undistorted). Results were pleasant!

  2. that stargazer shimmer is amazing. it goes 100 percent wet so it sounds like slowdive. distort the guitar and reverb and shimmer 100 percent? awesome

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