Exoverb Micro By Dear Reality Is FREE For A Limited Time


Dear Reality offers the Exoverb Micro (€25 value) realistic reverb plugin as a free download to its email subscribers (including new signups) for a limited time.

Exoverb Micro is a compact reverb plugin that emulates realistic spaces in your DAW. Because of this, the plugin is more suitable for use as a reverb for mixing than an esoteric reverb for sound design (like SuperMassive, for example).

In case Exoverb Micro seems familiar, that’s because we already covered it in April this year. Plugin Boutique offered it as a free add-on with any purchase that month.

In case you missed the Plugin Boutique deal, here’s your chance to add a free copy of Exoverb Micro to your mixing toolkit.

Exoverb Micro offers eight different reverb modes: two ambiances, two rooms (drum room and studio), two plates, and a pair of halls. The reverb modes seem to be based on different impulse responses rather than algorithms.

If you like simple reverb plugins that are easy to tweak, you will probably love Exoverb Micro’s intuitive control layout.

All three reverb parameters (mix, early reflections, and late reflections) are controlled using a triangular matrix. This makes it very easy to adjust the reverb with a single mouse movement. You can also adjust the pre-delay and the decay time using a separate pair of controls.

However, users who prefer to fine-tune all the moving parts of the reverb engine should probably look elsewhere.

I tested Exoverb Micro in a rock mix I’m currently working on and liked the sound. The ambiance modes are very good, and they can be used to add depth when loaded on all tracks across the mix. I also liked that the plugin isn’t demanding on the CPU, so running multiple instances won’t be a problem.

I also liked the UI design. The interface looks clean and modern, with a sleek control scheme that’s easy on the eyes. It’s also resizable, which is always a welcome feature.

You can hear Exoverb Micro in action in the video above.

To download your free copy of Exoverb Micro, visit the product page linked below and wait for a popup to appear in your browser window, asking you to sign up.

Wait for this popup to appear in your browser window.

Wait for this popup to appear in your browser window.

After submitting a valid email address, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription. Once confirmed, you should receive another email containing an Exoverb Micro license key.

If you keep your subscription, Dear Reality will send you early info about their Black Friday deals and special offers.

Exoverb Micro is available in 64-bit VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for Windows and macOS.

Get the deal: Exoverb Micro


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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Minor rant but I wish developers would stop using popup windows for deals. A lot of browser security mechanisms will prevent them from working. Just put the form in the product page or have the form on its own page.

    I’ll have to fire up a browser on another computer if I want to get this. Not sure I do as the product page says there are two activations allowed and you have to contact support to deactivate an installation.

    • Yeah, what an obnoxious way to receive an offer. I’ve tried numerous times and was unable too get the necessary popup. I’ve tried just about everything I can think of and it simply does not work for me. *thumbs down*

  2. GForce Imposcar 2 free with upcoming issue of Computer Music Magazine
    AND Overloud Gem Mod free with Beat Magazine #215
    AND Little Amber is new free library for free Kontakt Player.

  3. The reason for the pop-up is that it+s a way for “sellers” to get “clicks”. That way they get a list of mail subscription that other way wouldn’t get. Is just simple “phishing”, but with the OK from the user….Anyway… waiting for my pop-up :)

  4. excellent , works, just wait for the pop up, it literallty takes a minute guys, be patient., Thanks for this excellent freebie

    • Finally after trying to open it through on incognito window I received the voucher but it was as a welcome 25% off, and the price was now $59 but anyway the voucher couldn’t be redeemed. It always showed to be an invalid code. This is very nasty way to take your data!

  5. Exoverb is one of the better digital reverbs that exist i.m.o., so getting the Micro version for free is an offer not to shrug at. I had to use a private window in Firefox for the popup to show, even without adblocking.

  6. Worked in Chrome in a private window with all cookies accepted. It sounds really good. The lack of additional controls may be somewhat limiting, but it’s still a nice little reverb, well worth getting.

  7. They didn’t know how to help me when I tried contacting them: “I will forward your message” – Sounded like a secretary of some kind
    They didn’t find the time answer for few days now

    Sometimes you market yourself greatly and sometimes badly
    This is the second one, BIG TIME

    I say it right now, if they will not offer their Exoverb (not the micro/tiny shit that you cannot even cut/boost/eq anything) free no charge for cleaning their mistakes? Me and many of my friends will never buy anything from them

    Dear reality? Dear god…
    Black listed

  8. Alright. After waiting for a minute, the pop-up finally came up. No alert from my browser that it blocked it, so I know everything’s good on my side. I use Brave.

    Also, the website responds slowly. Maybe due to heavy traffic? You’ll have to go through three pages ’til checkout. Each page took a little over a minute to load. You will receive the instructions via email. I got the purchase confirmation ($0), then the link and license key followed six minutes later.

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