Get WIMS Studio’s WoodScaper For Only $1 For A Limited Time (macOS)


WIM Studio’s WoodScaper, the guitar effects plugin for macOS, is available for only $1 for a limited time.

The last plugin I covered was solely for Windows users, so I guess Mac gets the spotlight today.

Woodman’s Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio first came to my attention with its stellar library of iOS apps. Apps like WoodValvet and WoodSynth might have strange names compared to other plugins, but they offer many features that are unseen within the iPad ecosystem.

That brings us to today’s feature, WoodScaper, an effects plugin with a simple interface and stellar sound quality.

On the surface, WoodScaper functions as a guitar multi-effects. You won’t find things like delay and reverb, but that’s alright. Instead, you get a quartet of effects with a wah, chorus, phaser, and tremolo.

There is plenty of space for creative design work on guitars and other elements. The effects themselves are very straightforward in terms of overall control.

You aren’t going to get deep in-depth control, but it is more akin to a guitar pedal than a full-blown rack unit as far as workflow is concerned.

I’m a big fan of the chorus in this one, especially since you’ve got saturation and filtering controls to hone in on the sound. I’ve never been huge on Wah, so my apologies to any Kirk Hammett disciples out there.

All four effects sound great, however. Beyond standard control methods, users can also use effects in series, parallel, or whatever combination fits their needs.

WoodScaper also for seamless MIDI mapping, which can be a joy to use if you’re using an AU host like Mainstage or Ableton Live for performances.

WoodScaper can be had for a dollar, a paltry amount considering what it offers. You’ve got plenty of time to snag this deal, as it expires on the 8th of July.

As previously mentioned, this is a Mac-only plugin. It is Apple Silicon native, which I’d hope so 4 years after the chipset’s introduction.

Supported plugin formats are AU, VST, and AAX. I think this is a stellar piece of software for the chorus alone, the semi-modular architecture and open mapping make it an easy recommendation for Mac users.

Check out the deal: WoodScaper (Currently 97% off – $1)


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  1. Might consider getting a mac to take advantage of the offer. Have had my eye on Wimps woodscraper for a while.

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