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NodeBeat is an experimental step sequencer application for Andorid (it is also available for Mac OS X as well as an iOS app). The app (which is normally priced at $1.95) can be downloaded completely free of charge from the Amazon Appstore today.

Although BPB is mainly focused on covering Windows and Mac OS software, quite a few you guys told us that you’d also like to be informed about free music making apps for Android. We’ve previously covered G-Stomper Studio which was free for a couple of days last month and now we’re taking a quick look at NodeBeat by AffinityBlue which is yet another Amazon Appstore freebie.

NodeBeat is an interesting music making app focused around a node-based audio sequencer which is optimized for generative music creation. The app was designed to be as intuitive as possible and accessible for non-musicians, however that doesn’t mean that more experienced musicians and sound designers can’t benefit from using it. It’s fairly easy to create some really captivating music sequences and percussive loops with NodeBeat and it’s also possible to export the results as a WAV file, which is pretty neat. The sequencer can only be used to trigger the simple built-in synthesizer and there’s no way to output MIDI data from (which would have been a blast, but oh well…).

I’ve found that I actually really enjoy making music while traveling (especially during train rides) and that using mobile apps such as this one is a fantastic way to get a fresh perspective into music production and break your standard music making workflow a bit. It’s not just a pastime, either – for example, some of the drum grooves which I’ve made in G-Stomper Studio while travelling are now stored as WAV loops in my main DAW for use in bigger projects later on.

So, how do you get NodeBeat for free? You’ll need to install Amazon Appstore on your Android device first. It’s a fairly simple process which is fully explained in our G-Stomper Studio article. Once you’ve installed the Amazon Appstore, simply add NodeBeat to your user account and install it on your device. You can install it on as many devices as you want as many times as you want (the app will remain available in your personal app cloud even if you uninstall it from your phone or tablet). Please note that NodeBeat is free to purchase only today and that there’s less than 24 hours left until it goes back to its full price of $1.95.

Video Demo

Check out the NodeBeat demo video:


NodeBeat is available for free download in the Amazon Appstore (7.9 MB download size, APK format for Android, requires Android 2.3 or above).

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