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Get Beat Magazine For FREE! (Includes Free Software)


As mentioned in our recent article the Beat magazine is now also available in English. However, the news just got better because you can get the latest issue for free, including the bundled software and sounds.

The latest issue of the Beat magazine includes a free copy of the Waves Element synthesizer and a whole bunch of other free software and soundware. Find more info in our article about the first English edition of Beat magazine. The online edition of the magazine is priced at €4,99 and you get full access to the DVD content.

But as of recently, you can also get the magazine for free by subscribing to the Beat magazine mailing list. After filling out the subscription form and confirming your email address, you will receive the link to download your free copy of the magazine.

Get the first English edition of Beat magazine. At no cost! You will be subscribed to our BEAT mailing list, which will solely inform you about upcoming issues. You will receive no 3rd party marketing mails and your address will not be given to anyone outside falkemedia and the Beat magazine.

All readers who download the magazine will receive a free Waves Element 2 license, a free copy of T-RackS ONE by IK Multimedia, as well as the Thorn BE synthesizer by Dmitry Sches. There are some other hidden gems in there, too, so there’s a bit of exploring you can do over the weekend. And plenty of free software to add to your DAW!

Here’s a quick guide on installing the bundled software:

  1. Download the files (see page 11 for more info).
  2. Get your plugin licenses from www.serialcenter.de.
  3. Install the plugins.
  4. Insert license where if needed.

Many thanks to our reader Numanoid for posting a comment with the info on how to geat Beat magazine for free. I double-checked with Beat and they confirmed that this download method is indeed valid and available publicly for everyone interested. So hurry up and grab your free copy of Beat magazine for free, then open page 11 to access the free music production software.

More info: Beat (free download with email subscription)

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About Author

Tomislav is a content creator and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief here at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. It helps if you speak a bit of German when you get to the content licence bit (google translate helps). But the answer to the question is the same in German and English!

    • Sorry for that, where am I supposed to get the Magazine from? I signed up for the newsletter, but now what? What am I supposed to do?

      • After you register they will send you an e-mail that has a link to download the magazine. (PDF format) Just click the link and download the mag. In the magazine you’ll find all the info on how to download the extra content. Cheers!

    • After registration, they’ll send you link to magazine. In that Magazine, there’s a link to download DVD. You will have to answer their riddle/question to download the content. In the magazine, there’s another link to get serials by email.

  2. The registration part dies not seem to work. It gives you an activation link, but the the link does not give any licenses.

  3. It seems, these two are not available anymore:

    1. T-RackS ONE by IK Multimedia (no license available) and
    2. FXPansion Geist2 Lite (no longer available at developer website, gives 404 error)

    But the effort of clicking multiple links for verifications and activation codes is worth for Waves Elements 2, Thorn BE and LittleOne BE.

    Links and activations are working for me.

  4. I got both Thorn Beat and Thorn CM back when they first came out as magware.

    And when Plugin Alliance took over the sale and distribution of Thorn at the start of last year, for some reason I got an offer from them to upgrade to the full version for just $19 !

    Naturally I bought it straight away, it is no doubt among the best synths of the present day.

    • agreed – i recently got thorn w/ a voucher combined with their sale for $20 and im blown away. I wish there was more visual feedback when using modulation – but thats the only gripe i have with it. The sounds it can create (with ease) are outstanding. The glitch sequencer is a genius thing to add into a synth.

  5. Rogue Reaper


    I’m probably missing something simple but key, but I can’t seem to find the unrar password for Zampler Ethnic Symphony?

  6. I suggest anybody having a special look at serialcenter.de

    As noted in the magazine there is a special welcome subscriber package

    Following the clues I got Klevgränd Degrader (valued at €39.99)

    • Thanks a lot for this!

      That Welcome – Pack is for Subscriber Only though as it seems.

      Still a good offer anyhow!

    • At SerialCenter or StudioDive.de? Could you point at the page in the magazine with the instructions? Thank you and have a good day :D

      P.D: Does the subscription requires payment?

    • At SerialCenter or StudioDive.de? Could you point at the page in the magazine with the instructions? Thank you and have a good day :D

      P.D: Does the subscription requires payment?

  7. Hi bro! please post about free Studio Grand for 4 octaves & Addictive Drums FairFax AdPack for Kick, snare, hihat, crash by XLN Audio Products.. Thanks!

  8. I bought the issue with no problems thanks to reading the comments here! I’ve been waiting a long while for BEAT to be in English, and now the wait is over! Respect.

  9. Got the free #174 mag and ‘DVD’ content. Got the licensing info from serialcenter.de
    All good.
    But the ‘Exclusive gift for subscribers’ mentioned in the mag editorial is something different.
    Went to studiodrive site.
    Looks like have to Register to be able to download the ‘Beat Subscriber Bundle 2020’
    On the register page asks for beat mag customer number (to have access to exclusive downloads).
    Click on ‘Where do I find my customer number?’
    Indicates an example of a number on a physical postage packet.
    So looks like this free mag plus DVD online deal is not considered to be having a proper subscription with eligibility for the ‘Beat Subscriber Bundle 2020’.
    Is that right?
    Absolutely not complaining, just seeking clarity.

  10. ABOUT T-RACKS ONE, not fair in my opinion:
    Hi Patrik,

    we have some licenses left but we need to reserve them for paying customers. Did you buy the mag? If so, can you forward the invoice?


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