Keepforest Releases FREE Trailer Percussion For Kontakt Player


Keepforest has released Ferrum – Free Edition, a free trailer percussion sound library for the freeware Kontakt Player plugin by Native Instruments.

Ferrum – Free Edition is the free version of Keepforest’s forthcoming Ferrum sound library. The library is focused on modern cinematic percussion sounds, including cinematic impacts, hits, punches, anvils, and metallic foley. Ferrum also includes a set of cymbals, bells, and similar metallic percussion sounds and sound effects.

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Compared to the full version of Ferrum, the freebie contains a smaller collection of samples, with fewer round-robins and velocity layers per sample. However, it does seem to use the same Kontakt interface.

Ferrum – Free Edition offers some pretty cool advanced features like a step sequencer, an effects rack, stage placement, and multiple playback modes. The step sequencer module is especially interesting, as it can modulate the filter, pan, and pitch for each played note. You can also humanize the sequenced loop for a more natural feel.

Keepforest’s FERRUM, produced by Vladislav Martirosov and Arseni Khodzin, is a modern trailer percussion powerhouse with a huge variety of cinematic percussion from epic and massive cinematic hits, punches, anvils and doors impacts to cymbals, bells, tiny metals and metallic foley.

Even with the reduced sample collection, the free version of Ferrum is worth downloading if you need high-quality cinematic sound effects. The included percussion sounds are genuinely epic, and the Kontakt interface is super easy to use. You’re getting six octaves of free cinematic percussion and a bunch of tools to help you create modern cinematic loops with ease.

Ferrum - Free Edition works just fine in the free Kontakt Player.

Ferrum – Free Edition works just fine in the free Kontakt Player.

The best thing about Ferrum – Free Edition is that it is fully compatible with the free Kontakt Player instrument. This means that you don’t need to purchase the full version of NI Kontakt to use the library. Being that some free Kontakt Player libraries like DrumMic’a and Jay Maas Signature Drums LE are no longer available, it’s good to see a new Kontakt Player freebie.

To claim your copy of the Ferrum – Free Edition library, add it to your shopping cart and complete the checkout process. You will need to sign up for a Keepforest user account (a valid email address is required for verification). You will also be asked to enter your phone number before completing the checkout.

Ferrum - Free Edition in Native Access.

Ferrum – Free Edition in Native Access.

After checkout, download Keepforest’s Download Manager and use it to download the library files. Also, use the provided license key to activate your copy of Ferrum – Free Edition in Native Access. I have tested the installation process, and the library is indeed fully compatible with the free Kontakt Player plugin.

So, to summarize the download and installation process:

  1. Sign up for a Keepforest user account (email address and phone required);
  2. Complete the checkout for Ferrum – Free Edition;
  3. Download and install the Keepforest Download Manager;
  4. Sign in to Keepforest Download Manager and download Ferrum – Free Edition;
  5. Use the provided license key to activate Ferrum – Free Edition in Native Access (needs to be installed separately).

The download process certainly isn’t the quickest, but it’s worth the trouble if you are already using Kontakt Player, and you need some high-quality cinematic trailer sounds. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our list of free Kontakt Player libraries.

You should also check out the free Cinematic Sound Effects and Cinematic Loops libraries that are available on Bedroom Producers Blog’s indie sound design label 99Sounds.

More info: Ferrum – Free Edition (533.94 MB download size, requires Keepforest Download Manager to download, compatible with free Kontakt Player)

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  1. Yeah, i had some pretty good fun with this tonight! Solid freebie, i picked up two free sample libraries for cinematic perc from them as well.
    PS I should mention that DrumMic’a is still available

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      I loved the Keepforest freebie, too. Great library! As for DrumMic’a, you’re right, it seems that it’s back online. It was definitely “no longer available” a month or so ago. Anyway, I’ll look into it and update the info on this page accordingly. Thanks for the tip!

  2. При нажатии “Перейти к оформлению заказа” ничего не происходит! Что делать ?

  3. When I click “Proceed to checkout”, nothing happens! What to do?
    I tried to do this from different computers and even through a smartphone, nothing helps!

    • Hey I can’t Add Library in Native Access ,It’s Say the Library location is wrong so what can I do can anyone help me to install the library to enjoy ferrum

  4. Just note that, keep-forest on their site explicitly state that: “Free version products for non-commercial purposes, for personal use only”, so basically it’s only free to try.

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