PresentDayProduction Releases Free Kompreskimo Compressor Plugin


PresentDayProduction has released Kompreskimo, a freeware buss compressor effect in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstation software on PC and Mac.

Kompreskimo is a simple compressor and saturation multi-effect intended for use on the master bus. It’s definitely not a tool for users who require complete control over the gain reduction process, with access to adjustable timing and precise metering.

However, beginner producers who aren’t skilled enough to operate a more advanced compressor might put it to good use. I used the word might deliberately because I haven’t yet tested Kompreskimo in a DAW, so I honestly don’t know if it’s any good. That said, the developer’s demo video indicates that they put a lot of thought into Kompreskimo.

In the lack of a thorough review, let’s talk first impressions. Kompreskimo features a lighthearted GUI design with an igloo, an Eskimo, and a campfire. So yeah, it definitely doesn’t try to look like vintage hardware.

We’ve seen quite a few plugins that pulled off this type of comic-style look lately, pioneered by the legendary Sausage Fattener. A recent example would be Smiley by Streaky Mastering.

Much like its GUI design, Kompreskimo’s compression workflow is super simple. The main slider (the one with the Eskimo picture) adjusts the amount of compression and distortion applied to the signal. The user can also fine-tune the input gain, the output gain, and the dry/wet level.

And that’s pretty much it when it comes to Kompreskimo’s controls. Again, compressors can be intimidating, so such a simple compression tool can be a godsend for beginner producers. Add some compression and saturation with the slider, adjust the input gain, and mix in a touch of the unprocessed signal for that parallel compression flavor.

I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts on Kompreskimo. If you test it in your DAW of choice, please leave a comment to let us know your impressions.

Kompresskimo is available for free download from PresentDayProduction’s website (valid email address required). It operates as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin in 64-bit hosts on PC and Mac.

At the moment, the Windows version of Kompreskimo doesn’t have an auto-installer. You will need to manually extract the plugin files and move them to the VST plugins folder on the hard drive (a step-by-step guide is included in the download).

If you’re looking for a more advanced bus compressor, check out the TDR Molotok and TDR Kotelnikov plugins by Tokyo Dawn Records. And if all you need is a bit of distortion, don’t forget to download our BPB Dirty Filter plugin.

More info: Kompreskimo (9.20 MB download size, ZIP archive, 64-bit VST/VST3/AU/AAX plugin format for Windows & macOS)

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  1. Err….they may want to rethink the name of this. The term Eskimo is considered offensive to many Inuit. Won’t be downloading/using.

    • Lol. Seriously, you should consider lightening up a bit. There are plenty of entities in the world that deserve to be raked over the coals for their insensitivity and out-and-out bigotry.

      …this isn’t one of them. Download or don’t, but ease up on the faux outrage. The world will look like a much brighter place to you, I assure you.

  2. Yeah, this is when a somewhat subpar or average at best plugin looks for attention… yawn. That thingie is… superfluous. I love the word. Especially for that kind of thing that are actually not worth being discussed. That is meant in a neutral way. If that makes sense… if not, doesn’t matter.

  3. The interface is off-putting and offensive. Plenty better choices like the TDR stuff mentioned. Giving it a miss…

      • Im pretty light hearted Brenny. But with 100s of plugins out there you have to weigh up the pros and cons. I was put off before I even clicked the thumbnail…

  4. This looks nifty, thanks! I’ll download in the morning and try it out. I’ll also try to come back and post my opinion once I give it a test run. Thanks PDP and Tomislav!

    • Geez man, get a life. You want to be condescending and continue with your head up your butt, it’s your prerogative. But maybe commenting on EVERY post make you look a little desperate, no?

  5. Poorly named plugin – just terrible. Not even funny. Probably not even a good plugin either.

    What next the Ku Klux Klompressor, which stops your trax from breathing?

    The Mein Fuhrerizer? A VST Synth that makes your Juice scream.

    See where this goes? Don’t lighten up.

    • The Ku Klux Kompressor on a drum loop could be a punchy compressor + transient shaper (that’ll be the part that makes your drom loop breathe less)

  6. Unfortunately I’m not going to use this plugin, because the term used in the name is widely considered disrespectful towards the indigenous people of Alaska and Arctica. To the developers: please change! This was really a stooopid idea.