Black Rooster Audio offers the Stay Home II bundle for $149 (total value $908) and the Complete Your Bundle offer (70% OFF).

Last year, Black Rooster Audio launched its StayHome campaign as a way to help people out through the pandemic. Over the past year or so, we’ve seen lots of brands running sales or giveaways. Anything that helps us make more music and stay physically and mentally healthy is welcome.

The thing I like about this particular bundle is that 20% of all profits go straight to Music Health Alliance, an organization providing free healthcare. I think most people who are going to buy this bundle would buy it based on the discount alone. Seeing Black Rooster Audio donate 20% when they didn’t have to is pretty cool, so well done to them.

The Stay Home II bundle (macOS & Windows – AU, VST, AAX) includes 15 plugins, 12 of which range from around $30 to over $100 each at full price. Its remaining 3 plugins are free to download with or without purchasing the bundle.

The free plugins are The Canary (transient shaper), Cypress TT-15 (valvae amp emulation), and VHL-3C (high/low-pass filter). While the free downloads aren’t the most in-depth plugins of the bunch, they could give you a general feel for Black Rooster Audio to help make your decision.

You get pretty much everything you need to create a great mix, including compressors, EQs, tape emulation, reverb, and a vintage mixing channel strip. Bundles like this can be fantastic, and as you’ll see on the product page, these plugins have some glowing reviews from some heavy-hitting engineers. I think unless the plugins are terrible, much of it is down to personal taste, whether it’s the sound or the workflow.

Currently, I use the Arturia FX Collection, Slate Audio, and some SSL stuff. I don’t own the Stay Home II bundle yet, but I have used and liked a couple of plugins; the KH-Comp1 and Magnetite.

The KH-Comp1 is the Koen Heldens signature compressor. It’s advertised as providing the fastest attack on the market, which might really appeal to some users. I don’t always go for a very fast attack, but I really like the KH-Comp1 for sidechain compression.

Magnetite is a very nice but subtle tape emulation compared to some others. I mentioned bundles I already use because I wouldn’t have been disappointed if the KH-Comp1 or Magnetite were included in those; the standard is very good. Given the price of these two plugins alone, the bundle might be on the cards for me.

If you already own any of Black Rooster Audio products, use the code COMPLETEMYBUNDLE to get 70% off your next plugin purchase. 14-day trial licenses are available, so if you’re unsure, try before you buy, but don’t miss the offer.

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  1. Thanks James & BPB, good looking out, nice write up. Thats a kind gesture of the donation too. Well worth supporting & owning quality gear. Keep well, respects 👍

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