Three Native UAD Plugin Bundles Now Available With Intro Prices


Universal Audio releases three native UAD plugin bundles, available for use without a subscription and without UA hardware.

Universal Audio’s plugins have been set free from hardware and are now available in bundles. UA has three bundles available, but also individual plugins are available for purchase through their official storefront and selected retailers.

UAD Diamond Edition is the priciest bundle, retailing for $999 but starting with a $699 intro price. Diamond comes with a wide range of effects and instruments, including compressors, EQs, reverbs, delays, and some synths coming in a massive 28-plugin package.

UAD Mix Edition is focused on mixing processors, boasting a wide selection of compressors, channel strips, EQs, delays, reverbs, tape sims, and much more. This bundle typically retails for $699 but has an intro price of $559.00.

UAD Creative Edition is the cheapest and perhaps the most intriguing bundle for bedroom producers looking to upgrade their kit. Rather than focusing on UAD’s renowned mixing processors, it is a collection of creative effects and instruments.

The three included synths, Minimoog Model D, Opal Morphing Synth, and PolyMAX, give a good variety of synthesis flavors.

The Model D needs no introduction, but this monophonic classic oozes with character and is officially endorsed by Moog. There isn’t much in the way of modulation with this classic design, but the sound more than makes up for it.

PolyMAX and Opal are polyphonic, offering up retro and modern sounds alike. Both synths come with a wide selection of presets, but sound designers will appreciate the synthesis engine complexity and the ability to build complex sounds from scratch.

The Ravel Grand Piano and Waterfall B3 round out the instrument selection, offering up classic grand piano and transistor organ sounds suitable for a wide variety of genres and productions.

A pair of choruses, the Galaxy Tape Echo, a rotary speaker, and plate reverb round out the effects. The Galaxy Tape Echo, in particular, is a wonderful tape delay, another legendary hardware clone with an organic character you won’t find in your typical digital delays.

The Creative Edition is available for a suggested retail price of $499.99 but has an intro price of $349.00.

UA plugins are available for UA DSP users, as well as native versions for Windows and Mac users.

You’ll need an iLok cloud account or a 2nd generation iLok or newer to authorize the plugins.

Windows users have the option of VST3 or AAX plugins. Mac users get the option of VST3, AU, and AAX. M1 binaries are available natively.

We are linking to the bundle page on Plugin Boutique, where you can still get a free copy of Cableguys TimeShaper 3 with any purchase.

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More info: UAD Native Plugin Bundles (intro prices available)


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    • There was a time it was needed to add some DSP (in the hardware sense of the term…) to a PC to have the required horsepower. Adding a sticker wasn’t enough. :D That said, we have neons in the PC case these days, so maybe car enthusiasts were onto something?
      People use a second PC (or more) as a plugin farm now, downside is the real estate vs. a PCI card, upside is basically anything work on it, not just specific software. You can even mix OSes that way, if needed.

  1. UAD apollo user here. I still have fantastic hardware preamps with unison, but its kinda like graphics cards that are marketed as the best – one day they won’t be. I’ve been buying other plugins for and never got into the UAD plugs because my ears couldn’t hear enough difference. My Waves CLA-2A and 76 do exactly what they are supposed to do and my clients never complained either.

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