Techivation releases T-De-Esser 2, a FREE De-Esser plugin for macOS and Windows


Developer Techivation has released T-De-Esser 2, a FREE De-Esser plugin for macOS and Windows.

Te-De-Esser 2 is the follow-up to the popular Te-De-Esser (Free/Plus/Pro) plugin released by Techivation in 2021.

The new release should feel familiar to users of the original plugin; the interface is virtually identical, albeit a little sleeker, with a few additions.

Like the original, T-De-Esser 2 is an easy-to-use plugin that smoothes high frequencies while preserving a musical sound. With T-De-Esser 2, Techivation isn’t re-inventing the original but improving an already great plugin.

As the interface remains almost identical (regarding the layout), the new plugin continues with the same intuitive workflow.

The Processing dial is still front and center and sets the de-esser’s sensitivity, acting like a threshold control. It compresses the signal when the targeted frequency surpasses the processing level.

On either side of the Processing control are Input and Output Level meters.

Adjusting the intensity control at the bottom left of the GUI allows you to control the amount of gain reduction applied to the signal when it exceeds the processing level.

The Sharpness control acts like the Knee dial on a compressor; it determines how the plugin transitions from non-compressed to compressed material by adjusting how gradually compression is applied as the target level approaches.

The Frequency Range buttons are at the bottom right of the interface (again, like the original plugin). These buttons determine which part of the signal T-De-Esser 2 analyzes to trigger gain reduction.

  • Low-Hi: 1-4kHz
  • Mid-Hi: 2-4kHz
  • High: 5-10kHz
  • Hi-End – 5-20kHz

T-De-Esser 2 has a few handy buttons and functions, making it even easier to solve harshness or sibilance problems.

The Filter button cuts out everything but the selected frequency range, making it easier to identify the range that will produce the best results. The Diff button lets you listen to the difference between the processed and unprocessed signals.

If necessary, you can add makeup gain to the processed signal using the abovementioned meters as a guide.

Another couple of nice additions include the Quality selector (Standard, Good, Great, Ultra) to reduce aliasing and the Dry/Wet Mix control for parallel processing.

I already liked T-De-Esser, and this free sequel does the same thing, but better and easier; I like it. T-De-Esser 2 is available in AU, AAX, VST, and VST3 formats for macOS and Windows.

In other news, Caelum Audio, the folks who gave us Dustbin, is back with another quirky release: King Key; check it out.

Download: T-De-Esser 2 (FREE)


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  2. Docent Novak


    Plugin Boutique gives a big discount on the W.A.Production Satyrus plugin. For $5 you can get this plugin plus Audio Thing Frostbite (or Newfangled Audio EQuivocate)

  3. Looking forward to an update. I’ve been using T-De-Esser Plus with no problems, but T-De-Esser 2 has some GUI issues with scambled descriptions (regardless of the GUI Scale I select). I’m using PreSonus Studio One 6 on Windows 11 Pro and 4K monitors.

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