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Dear BPB readers, we have some AWESOME news for you today! Our friends at Drumdrops have provided an exclusive drum sample pack for all BPB readers, the complete Single Hits Pack version of their forthcoming 60s Rogers Pop Kit drum sample library.

Drumdrops have been making top of the class drum sample libraries for quite a while now (you can take a look at our reviews of their Gretsch 1960s Round Badge Soul Kit BFD Pack and the Mapex Heavy Rock Kit Kontakt Pack) and it is such a huge pleasure to provide a free Drumdrops product for all our readers. We can’t thank Drumdrops enough for this awesome BPB exclusive freebie!

So, you’re probably wondering what’s in this freebie pack, right?

OK, so this is the Single Hits Pack version of the forthcoming 60s Rogers Pop Kit sound library. The pack contains 138 samples in total (266 MB download size, ZIP archive, the samples are provided in 24-bit WAV format), along with instrument patches for all major samplers such as NI Kontakt, NI Maschine, NI Battery, Reason NN-XT, Ableton Drum Rack, Studio One Impact, Renoise, and more!

The kit is inspired by the sounds of 60s pop records, capturing that authentic vintage vibe in classic Drumdrops fashion. The drum kit itself was recorded in The Bridge studio ( and the recordings were then mixed in The Square ( We were literally blown away by the sound of these drums and you will absolutely love them too if you’re into that sweet 60s drum vibe!

Please note that other versions of the 60s Rogers Pop Kit will be released later this year and the Single Hits Pack will become a commercial product in August, so please note that this is a time-limited offer.

OK, so how can you download this kit for free?

It’s simple. Use the form below to download the PDF file which contains your voucher code and full download instructions. The samples can be used royalty free, even in your commercial projects. Please note that this is a BPB exclusive offer.

The kit is now available as a free download for all registered Drumdrops users. To grab your free copy of the pack, simply sign up for a free user account over at Drumdrops.

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Thanks sooo much, from California! I check your blog daily, really appreciate you and the companies who put these things together for the broke musicians!!!

  2. Ari Thorgilsson


    I please request the PDF document for the Voucher for the Free Offer from Drumdrops Rogers 60s Pop Drum Kit Samples

  3. dont try to copy and paste the code it wont work. you have to type it in and then it recognizes it …

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Thanks for the tip! The copy/paste method worked for me but it’s possible that some browsers might have problems with it.

    • We use winzip to zip the files up which usually gives us compatibility with all windows versions. Have noticed that windows 7 built in de-zipper sometimes throws wobblies – maybe try another dozier (or redownload). Should be fine. Cheers Nick

      • It gives error extracting for 4-5 samples named ‘Bell’.
        Also it does not work on Kontakt 5.21 unfortunately.
        I will not update because it took me a while to strip it down to bare minimum. Too bad NI software comes always bloated at factory default.

        • Yeah, the Native Instruments installing procedures are really a pain in the ass. It’s a complete mess. I even skipped buying Komplete because of it.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Can you please give it another try? I’ve tested the voucher again and it’s working fine.

      • Still the same. Tried the code in the .pdf as well as the one that was given to me when I dld the .pdf :( Is anyone else having this problem?

        • I had to enter the download code manually, I got the same message as you when I used copy and paste.

          • Worked. Downloaded the .pdf and didn’t try to retrieve the pack until the morning. In that time, they changed the code. :/ Just redownloaded the .pdf and used the new code. Thanks for your help! Great site btw!

            • Tomislav Zlatic


              Thanks! :)

              Yeah, we had to change the code. The PDF was also updated yesterday to reflect this change.

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