Free EchoVerb Multi-Tap Delay For Ableton Live By Sound Author


Sound Author has announced the release of EchoVerb, a freeware multi-tap delay effect rack for Ableton Live 10.

EchoVerb is based on Ableton Live 10’s new “Echo” effect. This custom FX rack by Sound Author transforms Echo into a versatile multi-tap delay unit with four different densities: x8, x16, x32, and x64. Although it was designed as a tool for creating huge “wall of sound” type delay swells, EchoVerb is also capable of simulating smaller spaces and plate reverb-like tones.

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The most important control parameter is the Delay Time knob which changes the time between successive delay taps exponentially. This quickly changes the size of the simulated space. The user can also adjust the feedback amount, as well as the modulation depth, ducking threshold, and the stereo width parameters. EchoVerb features a pair of filters (high-pass and low-pass) for adjusting the tone of the delayed signal. The dry/wet knob on the right controls the level of the delayed signal relative to the audio on the input.

You can hear the effect in action in the YouTube demo video embedded below:

EchoVerb was developed by Sound Author (aka Bryan Lake) who is a member of BPB’s team of writers. He recently reviewed Ableton Live 10, along with various other music making tools such as Sugar Bytes Aparillo and U-He RePro. You can also check out his fantastic Project Pegasus and Project Exodus instruments for NI Kontakt which are available for free download on 99Sounds.

EchoVerb is available for free download via Gumroad (49.4 KB download size, ZIP archive, compatible with Ableton Live 10).

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  1. Hello Mister Sound Author, is there any chance that You could make a VST version of EchoVerb?? That would be so awesome and useful! Pretty please! :)

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