Get A Free iZotope Elements Plugin With Any Purchase


Plugin Boutique includes a free copy of Neutron Elements, Nectar Elements, or Ozone Elements with any order until November 15th, 2020.

Purchase anything at Plugin Boutique and choose which iZotope Elements plugin will be included for free with your order. The current deal ends on November 15th. Also, keep in mind that the offer is only valid for a single order per customer.

This is not the first time that Plugin Boutique is offering iZotope Elements products for free. However, if you missed the previous deals, now is your chance to upgrade your plugin arsenal for free.

You can choose any plugin of the three listed below:

All three Elements plugins offer great value compared to their full versions.

Ozone Elements is a great addition to any mastering software arsenal thanks to its equalizer and AI assistant. Likewise, the Nectar Elements plugin is a great choice if you spend a lot of time mixing vocals. Finally, the Neutron Elements plugin is a great all-around tool for mixing.

Interested in getting an iZotope Elements plugin for free? Here’s how to do it!

Get iZotope Elements For Free

You will need to sign up or log in to your existing Plugin Boutique user account to get the deal. After logging in, add any product to your shopping cart. There are many deals available at the moment – here’s the list of discounted plugins.

At checkout, be sure to select one of the available Elements plugins (Ozone Elements, Neutron Elements, or Nectar Elements). Only one free gift can be selected.

Select a free iZotope Elements plugin.

Select a free iZotope Elements plugin at checkout.

If you’re using Virtual Cash for this order, the final order total must be higher than zero.

After completing the order, the selected plugin will be registered to your Plugin Boutique user account. You will receive the instructions from downloading and activating the free software from iZotope’s website.

On a related note, Plugin Boutique and Beatport are offering the iZotope Iris 2 synthesizer for free this month.

More info: iZotope Elements (FREE with any purchase @ Plugin Boutique until November 15th, 2020)

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  1. I got all three for free,at first you will be excited to get those more than $100 stuff,then you will realize it’s not that valuable.Good to have them though.

    • Man, are you serious? I don’t use Nectar that much, but the other two are pure gold!
      I can mix a song 100% only using Neutron 3 and a verb with great results.

    • I got demos for these and I find Nectar elements to be worse than bypassed, and Neutron is less useful than TDR Nova free and Kotelnikov free, and Ozone Elements is not as good as ReaEQ + CMT and just about any other widener. Just my opinion, sorry Izotope!

  2. Ozone Elements maximizer has true peak limiting, volume ceiling setting (for example -1.5db), and auto-learn threshold for a target LUFS (for example -14db). This saves time when adjusting loudness to streaming requirements. Set these values, play through the song once, and you are done. Perfect last step in the mastering chain.

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