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“Synare From Mars” Drum Sample Pack Is Now FREE


Samples From Mars offers the Synare From Mars ($29 value) drum sample library as a free download from their website.

Synare From Mars is a free collection of drum sounds sampled from the Synare analog drum synthesizer by Star Instruments. This rare drum synth is a unique source of early electronic drums like disco toms (you know that sound!), noise-heavy snares, and similar no-frills analog percussion sounds.

But there’s more to the Synare drum synthesizer that simple drum sounds. It was also used as a reggae dub siren, an SFX machine, and even as a simple analog synthesizer (because that’s what it really was). Synare featured a proper analog filter and fat analog oscillators with plenty of character.

Samples From Mars really went to town when they sampled the content for the Synare From Mars library. The pack includes over 1,900 Star Instruments Synare samples in 24-bit WAV format.

You’re getting eight fully chromatic multi-sampled synth patches, ten drum kits (16 samples in each kit), and a bunch of bonus samples that include sound effects, processed sounds, bass hits, and more.

In addition to the sample content in WAV format, Synare From Mars also includes kits for popular sampler formats like Kontakt, Battery, MPC, Ableton Live, and others. The total size of the included audio content is over 2 GB when extracted.

Visit the product page for audio demos and for an in-depth overview of the original Synare synthesizer and its features.

Here’s how the Samples From Mars team describes the library:

The Synare is an analog drum synth created in the mid-70s. It looks (and sounds) like the evilest flying saucer you’ve ever heard. We’ve extensively multi-sampled these thick and juicy oscillators, squelching resonance, and white noise, dub sirens, cosmic trickles, sub-bass, and of course the classic syn-drums.

On a related note, Samples From Mars launched their Black Friday sale today. Get their entire product lineup for $39 when you purchase the All the Samples From Mars bundle ($1,608 value). This is a no-brainer deal if you’re looking for a collection of meticulously sampled drum machines.

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You can download Synare From Mars for free from the product page linked below. A valid email address is needed to get the download link.

More info: Synare From Mars (1.6 GB download size, ZIP archive, contains 1,900 audio samples in 24-bit WAV format)

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    • Thanks bro. Worked like a charm. Copy & Pasted the code right from your 2cnd comment, popped the WAP website link of ur 1st comment. I was already logged in so i just clicked the buy link which sent me to a final pay portal which had no way to (remove) the “Savage Bass” free bundle. So i went to the top of the website and clicked “Cart” manually so i could see the items seperately and then removed teh Savage Bass bundle freebie. After that added the discount coupon code, &>>>Walla, presto, Abracadabra the free WAP Synth Wav Bundle in my user account lil. GOOD LOOKING OUT bkz i didn’t hear about, see, and or catch this offer with the enormity of free offers to centedn, and try to keep up with feel me lol? The sound packs sounds dope, very usuable as i’m trying to focus on more old skool, Synth Wav, 80’s type tracks being a mid 70’z baby raised in the 80’z etc . SO good spot fam, appreciate the heads up!

    • i found more:
      Get Titan Trap from WAProduction for FREE – use code WACM9531 – remove other freebies from the cart first!

  1. There’s a number of free sample packs available at the link below, plus a few $1 packs. The first free pack I got had some really good kick and snare sounds, so I went back for more. Bonus tip: when you check out, enter your phone number and get five more free packs.


    But now that I have all these packs combined with the HUGE pack from Mars. I think that I AM DONE. I have more samples than I could ever use. Wow.

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