BPB DEAL: Get 33% Rhythmic Robot’s Laboratory Powerhouse Synths


All BPB readers are welcome to an exclusive 33% OFF discount on all products in the Audio Laboratory section on Rhythmic Robot Audio’s website until October 31st. The full version of Native Instruments Kontakt is required to load the offered products.

Rhythmic Robot is known for its interest in old hardware like pulsing valves from bygone eras, bubbling transistors, and arcing electrical devices, capturing all its brilliant splendor and bringing it back to life in the form of Kontakt synthesizers with some personality. You may also know them from Commodore 64 Synthesizer Sessions DELUXE, a collaboration between RR and BPB.

The great news is that Rhythmic Robot Audio wants all BPB readers to enjoy a good deal on their Powerhouse Synths and Niche Machines.

Let’s dive into a couple of them so you know what you might miss if you don’t grab this deal before the 31st of October.

EII Synthulator

The EII Synthulator came into existence as a response to a lack of pure synthesizing capabilities the Emulator II had.

The Synthulator starts fundamentally with a number of unique soundbanks, including the essential analog waveforms such as saw, sine, square, pulse, triangle, etc.). These were stamped with a beautiful 8-bit sonic impurity and sampled into the EII and then back out again.

Additionally, there are sustaining sounds that come from more complicated instrument sources, such as the sustained parts of string and brass sounds, as well as sophisticated synth waves produced from analog and digital equipment.

You might see the price of 25$ for this piece and call it a bluff, and we’ll tell you that your jaw will drop even more by adding the 33% off coupon code bpb33 exclusive to our readers.

Vintage Choirs

Vintage Choirs uses both human voices and synthetic choir tones as its building blocks to emulate the warmth and familiarity of the evocative human choir effect. In this plugin, you can mix, thicken, and detune several instances to create a very rich ensemble effect. You can then shape and manipulate that sound with envelopes, LFOs, and effects.

The Vintage knob, though, which seamlessly switches between crystal-clear choirs and their scratchy, shellac-shedding forefathers, is perhaps the grand cool feature. Your patches may be time-warped back to the period of platters and tape replay with only one twist, producing unsteady, unsure, tremulous sounds that remind you of bygone eras.

Believe it or not, this plugin only comes at 15$, and yes, not including the 33% OFF using the code bpb33.

What are you waiting for, then? If not for using these plugins soon, at least store a couple of them in your DAW for later.

Get the deal: Rhythmic Robot Audio (use coupon code bpb33 to get 33% OFF The Laboratory products until October 31st)


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    • Tomislav Zlatic


      RR is a one-man show and doesn’t do a lot of marketing if any. But the products are legit. I’ve used quite a few, and it’s really good stuff if you’re into rare, odd, and peculiar instruments.

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