TAL-Filter-2 FREE Filter Modulation Plugin Updated To v3.0


Togu Audio Line released an updated version of TAL-Filter-2, a legendary freeware filter plugin with modulation capabilities. The latest update is available for DAW software on macOS, Windows, and Linux in AU, VST, VST 3, and AAX formats.

TAL-Filter isn’t the only much-loved freeware plugin to be updated; we recently covered Surge v1.9, which we named in our best free synths along with TAL-Noisemaker.

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It’s nice to see plugins like this one get updated; it makes you appreciate the developers’ time and effort even more.

TAL-Filter is still the simple and intuitive plugin it always was, but you can see some immediate updates at first glance. Controls for cutoff and stereo have been added to the previous lineup of resonance, depth, input, and output.

The cutoff knob is something that I know some users were eager to see. With the previous version, you’d control the frequency using the Y-axis of the GUI along with the depth knob. It wasn’t a significant problem in any way, but it’s even more tactile now, and that’s great.

The thing that makes TAL-Filter so interesting is that you can get complex results very quickly. TAL Software got the GUI/workflow spot on with the ability to draw any shape you like and tempo-sync it to your DAW. It reminds me of another plugin we covered recently, DriveShaper from Cableguys.

The simple interface makes it easy to create basic filter sweeps for EDM, wobble-bass for Dub, or anything else you can think of. On the bottom left of the GUI, you’ll see a drop-down menu that lets you choose a number of beats per bar for your tempo sync. You can also change the note type from normal to dotted, which offers up even more interesting patterns.

There are multiple modulation types, including LP 12dB, BP 12dB, HP 12dB, Pan, and Volume. Pan mode gives some pretty useful auto-pan effects that are nice on percussion or even little synth stabs/lines, while volume mode is great for creating a tremolo effect.

There are too many ways to use TAL-Filter to list, but the main ones for me are turning percussion into even more fascinating rhythms (sorry, Gershwin fan), creating pulsing bass/pads/drones, and even making cinematic rises/hits.

TAL-Filter isn’t the only filter that will do the job, but it’s definitely quicker and easier than some. When you add FREE to quick and easy, it’s usually a good thing!

I hope TAL Software continues to develop TAL-Filter for years to come because it’s worth it.

More info: TAL-Filter-2

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  1. this is awesome news! tal filter has always been one of the faves – glad to see it still getting some love
    long live tal!

  2. What a good new, this has been my main ducking plugin since some time. I already downloaded it and I liked it, but I really need a snap grid option

  3. Use of the hyphen throughout the whole TAL range is confusing. Aside from that, a huge thanks to them not giving up on those sweet sweet freewares. Beautiful updates. A bit surprised the old TAL-Phaser is not on the website anymore, tho, I’m still using that old thing from time to time.

    • Michal Ochedowski


      That is strange indeed. They still keep Flanger available for download and it was released in 2007 just like their Phaser.

  4. It’s kinda weird update, since it has less filter modes than the previous version (no 24db/oct lowpass for instance) and the new cutoff seems to be slower to respond to external envelope control. The legacy mode does have all the old stuff (and seem to work the same), but they advice you NOT to use it unless you’re loading an old project (I wonder why?)

    Would also love them to include all their different filter emulations (J8, Juno, 101 and the ones in TAL-Mod) to this plugin, they could even charge few bucks for it then.

    For FL users this can’t really compete with Love Philter, but I do like the sound of it nevertheless.

  5. The new update broke a daw automation, the (previously) depth modulation is now mapped to the resonance in legacy mode and does nothing on normal mode.

    Lucky that I knew which automations to re-assign where. Still loving it tho

    • Michal Ochedowski


      Thanks for the info. Updating plugins is always risky. I remember when some time ago I installed newer version of an equalizer. When I opened a project I was working on, my DAW reported the eq missing. Glad I kept both versions and was able to restore settings.

  6. free plugin guy


    I have been using tal filter for quick and dirty 4 on the floor sidechain for ages and now it has trigger!

  7. TAL-Filter-2 update
    Version 3.0.1 / 04.06.2021
    * MIDI NoteOn trigger added.
    * Improved trigger behavior (triggers when the next 16th starts).

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