Lunacy Audio’s CUBE Mini Is FREE With Any Purchase At Plugin Boutique


Plugin Boutique offers the CUBE Mini creative sound design plugin by Lunacy Audio as a free add-on with any purchase in March.

It is that time of the month, and Plugin Boutique’s monthly freebie has rolled over. We bid Guitar Rig 6 LE and Timeshaper 3 adieu and say hello to CUBE Mini from Lunacy Audio.

Customers can pick up a copy of CUBE Mini free with any purchase over at Plugin Boutique until April 2, 2023.

But what is CUBE Mini?

CUBE Mini is a novel instrument with a very inventive interface. Users have access to 120 presets, ranging from basses and pads to crystalline keys. This is supplemented with 35 sound sources to allow for designing your own presets.

Further, CUBE Mini gives access to upgrade pricing for the much larger CUBE.

On its surface, CUBE Mini functions similarly to a vector synth. You can select various sound sources and use the center of the interface to blend between the sound sources. This isn’t done solely on a two-dimensional plane, however, and accounts for depth in addition to height and width.

CUBE Mini is also home to a fairly fun randomizer, giving access to unlimited presets once you’ve thoroughly exhausted the pre-packaged content.

CUBE Mini also comes with the Rumble expansion included with it. Rumble is a sound pack focused on quaking basses and punchy percussion. This gives CUBE Mini an additional 40 sound sources and provides 120 presets.

You’ve got quite a handy instrument with provided materials, and all presets are fully editable despite being a cut-down version of the larger CUBE.

If you’re looking for a relatively inexpensive purchase to grab CUBE Mini, why not look at SSL’s Drumstrip?

Drumstrip is a channel strip that provides a one-stop shop for processing the percussive elements of your tracks. Drumstrip is $19.99 until March 12th, and you get CUBE Mini with your purchase.

CUBE Mini is available for Windows and Mac. Supported plugin formats are VST, AAX, and AU. Native Apple Silicon support is provided, and there is a standalone application is available for DAWless jam sessions.

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Get the deal: CUBE Mini (FREE with any purchase @ Plugin Boutique)


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  1. This freebie looks interesting. But what is then the best paid deal plugin this month to buy, to get it free ;-)

    • Cryogen by Glitchmachines is great. I already have it, so I’m getting Budapest Abstract Vibes. There’s also Shapeshifter by Aberrant DSP which is a creative dynamics control effect from the excellent creators of SketchCassette and Digitalis.

  2. I already own Cube Mini (grabbed it at £15 a while back). So inspiring and usable in lots of genres and absolutely a no brainer not to grab it as it’s free! Currently waiting patiently for a nice discount on the full version now lol. I did just buy something on PB to get the Rumble expansion and looking forward to some tweaking!

    • I purchased Arturia minifreak v synth for £88 which was a fantastic deal and got the cube mini. Had a little experiment with the presets it looks a very interesting plugin. The minifreak v is also really good. Fantastic sound and the sequencer is just wow

  3. SampleScience “RETRO 8-BIT SFX COLLECTION” virtual Instrument, inspired by the games of the 80s.

    Costing $30 but can be had at $9 (70% Off) by using the code mario

    Offer valid for 24h only

  4. Spent an hour looking for a decent FX plugin to purchase last night… I got Oracle Reverb for $6, down from $68, was looking at a vocal plugin too – 32C-VIP down to $8 from $102… checked reviews on both and most claimed they weren’t any good… other than that the lowest available items were mostly sample packs

    • The SampleX V3 is $8 down from $79 but I’m not a fan of that sound – similar to Tory Lanez last album – old school 8 bit type of thing. Glitchmachines Cryogen is $7 down from $68… was looking for the uneeded as already have a few TDR Kotelnikov GE compressor that was $10 last month but it has returned to a higher price which everyone swears by…

      • The Kara envelope shaper is only $4, if you just want to hurry up and get something for the free plugin… or the Slam2 channel strip $8… those are all my suggestions to save you some time :)

        • Actually the Oracle Algoverb Reverb for $6 isn’t too bad, has a lot of other fx features too… I reckon it was a good choice

  5. Nice, grabbed Glitchmachine’s Cryogen for $5.

    The instrument is really cool to play around with.

    But.. Is anyone else getting some unpleasant resonance coming through most of the presets though? There’s a low quality/almost harsh sound to them.. I’m on Fast – SSD 128 voices. Maybe my ears are just having a off day or my install is bad..

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